Dakota Ridge Invitational 2018

Lakewood, CO

Meet Information

Invitation Only at Present Time...Email to get on wait list.

Rankings Meet Contact: Mark Stenbeck
  • ENTRY FEES:$160 per gender team, $20 individual athlete entry

    ENTRIES DUE:No later than Thursday April 19th 2018 at 9pm.


    Entries will be submitted through the normal statewide process (milesplit).

    You will be allowed three (3)entries per Track Event and (2) Entries per Field Event.Only one relay team per school.

    Starting heights/minimum marks:

    • Pole Vault - 9'4 boys (1', 1' then 6 inches), 7'0 girls (6 inches)
    • High Jump - 5'5 boys, 4'5 girls
    • Long Jump - No Minimum
    • Triple Jump - No Minimum
    • Shot Put - No Minimum
    • Discus - No Minimum
  • In the 3200m races, from your 3 entries...we will be taking the top 50 performances only, 18-20 max in fast section and 30-32 for the slower section. Additional Entries from teams based on the standards below 10:20 for boys and 12:40 for girls WILL knock out other athletes. (subject to change based on entries)

    Additional entries in events where teams have multiple top performers, (after your initial 3)will be considered based on current (2018) year performance and must be ranked in the top 40 of your classification as of April 18, 2018:

    NOTE - Extra entries need to be sent to me via email by WEDNESDAY APRIL 18th.There will not be room on MileSplit for 3 entries.This way I can check each entry manually. drhsrunning@gmail.com

  • A further note on entries...we reserve the right to adjust entry limits based on the size of the meet. Should we need to adjust it will most likely be to make the meet logistically more beneficial to ALL student-athletes.

      In case of poor weather, check your email, relay information as necessary to your team. We will do everything we can to have the meet. There is no makeup


      • No athletes or coaches will be allowed on the infield during the meet unless they are competing or warming up for the next event in the warm up area.
      • Athletes are to report to the check in area at the first call prior to the event by the starting points on the infield.
      • Athletes can pick up ribbons north of the press box 20 minutes after the completion of their event. The meet will be the only time you will be able to receive your award. WE WILL NOT MAIL AWARDS
      • Tents may only be set up on the top row of bleachers, first come first serve.
      • Concessions will be available.
      • A trainer will be available for treatment of injuries.
      • Bagels and Coffee in the morning....
      • Pizza for your coaching staff for lunch, each team gets 1large pizza


Essentially the schedule is subject to change when the weather causes us to make changes OR the size of the meet causes us to change things up. So be prepared for changes. A finalized schedule will be online at milesplit the day/night before the meet and will be emailed to coaches upon its finalization

Anticipated Schedule:

9:40am Coaches Meeting (Pole Vault Check, Shot and Disc Implement Weigh In).

10:00 3200m Girls (Slow section 30-32 maximum athletes)

10:153200m Girls (Top 18-20 entered)

10:30 3200m Boys(Slow section 30-32 maximum athletes)

10:45 3200m Boys (Top 18-20 entered)

11:00 Girls 800 M Medley (Finals Heats v Time)

11:15 Girls 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals 1 Heats)

11:30 Boys 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals 1 Heats)

11:45 Girls 100 M High Hurdles (Finals-Heats v Time)

12:05 Boys 110 M High Hurdles (Finals-Heats v Time)

12:25 Girls 100 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)

12:50 Boys 100 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)

1:15 Girls 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

1:30 Boys 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

1:45 Girls 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)

2:15 Boys 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)

2:50 Girls 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

3:00 Boys 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

3:10 Girls 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)

3:30 Boys 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)

4:00 Girls 300 M LH (Finals-Heats v Time)

4:20 Boys 300 M HH (Finals-Heats v Time)

4:40 Girls 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)

5:00 Boys 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)

5:30 Girls 200 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)

6:00 Boys 200 M Dash (Finals-Heats v Time)

6:30 Girls 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

6:45 Boys 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

10:00 AM Field:

Girls Pole Vault, Girls Triple Jump, Girls High Jump (South Pit),

Boys Long Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus. Boys High Jump (North Pit)

2:00pm PM Field

Boys Pole Vault, Boys Triple Jump, Girls Long Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus,