West Grand Invitational 2019

Kremmling, CO

Meet Information

Contact: Ryan Tripicchio, tripicchior@wgsd.us

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 2nd West Grand Invite. This meet is open to High School and Middle School divisions. Here will be the schedule for September 7th: 

8:00 AM Packet pick up and course open. 

9:15 AM Coaches Meeting

9:30 AM Senior recognition of West Grand Athletes 

9:45 AM National Anthem

10:00 AM HS Girls

10 minutes after last HS girls participant finishes HS Boys

10 minutes after last HS Boys participant finishes MS Girls

10 minutes after last MS Girls participant finishes MS Boys

30 minutes after last MS Boys participant finishes Announcement of Results for all races. 


Scoring at the races will be top 4 score, run unlimited. If teams do not have 4 runners a "ghost" scorer will be used to make sure all teams will have a score after the meet. 

Course Changes

From feedback we received last year, this year's course for the high school will be a true 5k. There is only a difference in the placement of the start line, closer to the high school on Jackson Avenue. Otherwise the High School course is exactly the same. The Middle School course will be exactly the same as last year. 

Course Records

HS Girls- Chloe Veilloux, Soroco High School 21:52 (Converted to 5k), 2018

HS Boys- Brevik Petersen, Middle Park High School 19:45 (Converted to 5k), 2018

MS Girls- Adele Horning, Lake County Middle School 12:50, 2018

MS Boys- Matt Cairns, Lake County Middle School 11:15, 2018


Entry for the meet will be $50 per team per level per gender (e.g., $50 for HS boys, $100 for HS boys and girls, $150 for HS boys, girls, and MS Boys, etc.) If you enter all four races your fourth team is free so the most it will be is $150. 

Meet Address (Accoding to Maps)

101-111 17th St, Kremmling, CO 80459
Link to Course Maps
High School map: 
Middle School map: