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Head Coach:

Rachael Christiansen

(970) 403-4638

Marci Ham, A.D.

(970) 264-2231

League Meet, Invitation Only

No professional timing company. Coaches will be asked to time their runners themselves. 

Limit of 10 total teams. Maximum of 5 girl runners and 5 boy runners allowed per team. 

High school girls 10:00

High school boys 11:00

Reservoir Hill Meet. 

DIRECTIONS & PARKING: From Main Street, turn onto Hot Springs Blvd in downtown Pagosa Springs. Drive mile (past the hot springs) and turn left on the steep dirt road next to the post office. Buses: drive up the dirt road, past the gate, and to the top of Reservoir Hill. Spectators: Park just above the gate in the first open field. There will be volunteers to assist in the parking process.

No Fee for JV races