Ram Blaster

Arvada, CO

Meet Information

Registration: The Ram Blaster. Please register by 9-12-20 Password needed. Invite only.

Boys race 2:30 (run 7 score 5)

Girls race 3:15 (run 7 score 5)

Athletes will be assigned numbers based on Seed Time. Lower numbers (your top 3- 4) will go off in Wave 1, and higher numbers (your next 3-4) will go off in Wave 2. If the auto-populated seed time does not reflect the actual order in which you want kids to run, please change the times. You can make it easy on yourself by entering times as :01, :02, :03, etc. Your athletes seed time will not impact which wave they run in compared to other teams. Each team gets 3-4 athletes in each wave by random draw.

Please notify our timers of any changes before race start and do not change waves. The right number being in the right wave will be crucial for timing purposes.

Head Coach Clint Boston