NCIL Meet #6 - League Championships 2022

Severance, CO

Meet Information

    NCIL Track Meet #6 -Friday, May 13th , 2022 @ Severance Middle School (1801 Avery Plaza St, Severance, CO 80550) -($50.00 Entry Fee per team - NCIL will invoice)

    Entries close Friday May 13th at 10:00am

    Coaches Meeting:3:45

    Field Event Start:4:00

    Running Event Start:4:30

    Order of Events

      Girls followed by Boys

      1600m Run

      100m 30/110m hurdles 33

      100m Dash

      800m Relay

      400m Dash

      400m Relay

      800m Run

      200m Hurdles 30

      200m Dash

      1600m Relay

      Boys Shot (4:00-5:00)/Girls Shot follow boys

      Girls Discus (4:00-5:00)/ Boys Discus follow girls(1Kg)

      Girls High Jump (4:00-5:00)/Boys High Jump (Start after girls)

      Boys Long Jump (4:00-5:00)/ Girls long jump follow boys

      Girls Triple Jump (4:00-5:00)/ Boys triple jump follow girls

      Individual competitors may compete in a total of 4 events including finals. Those four events may NOT be four running events, but must be a combination of running and field events. Each school has a maximum of 6 athletes per event at each meet except high jump - 4 entrants will be allowed in high jump and long jump.

        *Open pit for field events. Athletes have 1 hour to complete trials. 3 trials will be allowed per athlete in long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus. Starting height for high jump will be 3'8" girls, 4'4" boys.High jump will move to the next height 10 minutes after all present jumpers have made or missed their attempts at that height. Athletes who are gone for other events will be allowed to jump their remaining trials at the new height. WE WILL NOT WAIT EXCESSIVELY FOR ATHLETES THAT ARE NOT AT THE HIGH JUMP or LONG JUMP.

        If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Yost/Athletic Director, Windsor Charter Academy at 970-759-6104.

        Athletes may camp locations are to be determined.