Meet Information


Date/Time: Thursday April 28, 2022

Coaches/Scratch Meeting 3:40 pm

Meet Start Time: 4:00 pm

Teams Attending: Valley, Eaton, Highland, Weld Central, Estes Park

Facilities: The track is an eight lane all weather surface. The discus and shot ring are concrete. Starting blocks will be provided; all other equipment will be supplied by the competing schools. Restrooms are available. Locker rooms will not be available.

Camps/Warm-up: Team camps will be allowed in the bleachers and areas surrounding the track. No camps will be allowed on the infield. Athletes may warm-up on the infield, but please keep away from the finish line.

Entries: Each team may have six individual, and two relay entries per event.

Running events will be run as finals in heats against time. Field events will be semi-open pit and each athlete will receive four attempts. Please have your athletes at their throwing and jumping events if they are not running. We dont need athletes checking out before first calls for their running events. Entries will need to be submitted via by 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20th.

Rules: The National Federation Track and Field rules and the NPMLA bylaws for 2016 will be the official rules of the meet. Only 1/8 inch spikes will be allowed.

Scoring: Five places will be scored; 8-6-4-2-1 in all track, and field events. We will score four places for relays; 8-6-4-2 (only A relays will count in team scoring).

Coaches Meeting: There will be a coaches meeting at 3:40 pm at the finish line on the track.

Scratches can be made at this time. No additions or substitutions will be allowed. This will ensure we are able to start the meet on time.

Starting Heights: Girls High Jump 38 Boys and girls will jump together. Boys High Jump 44

Bus Parking: Bus Parking will be located at the stadium.

Concessions: Will be available during the meet.

Schedule of events

Field Events

Boys: 4:00 PM - Shot Put, Long Jump, High Jump

Girls: 4:00 PM - Discus, Triple Jump, High Jump

Boys: 5:30 PM Discus, Triple Jump

Girls: 5:30 PM Shot Put, Long Jump, High Jump

Running Events:

Girls 1600m Run

Boys 1600m Run

Girls 100m Hurdles

Boys 110m Hurdles

Girls 100m Dash

Boys 100m Dash

Girls 4x200m Relay

Boys 4x200m Relay

Girls 400m Dash

Boys 400m Dash

Girls 4x100m Relay

Boys 4x100m Relay

Girls 800m Run

Boys 800m Run

Girls 200m Hurdles

Boys 200m Hurdles

Girls 200m Dash

Boys 200m Dash

Girls 4x400m Relay

Boys 4x400m Relay

Girls 4x100 Field Relay

Boys 4x100 Field Relay

Girls 800m Sprint Medley Relay

Boys 800m Sprint Medley Relay

**We will run ahead of schedule if possible**