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Lake County High School

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Articles with Lake County High School

State Meet Did-You-Knows Alan Versaw Oct 29, 2015

2010 invididual titles for Kelsey Lakowske and Samantha Berggren piled onto an already-established trend in Colorado high school cross country. Read on to see what that trend is. Colorado Track XC file photos by Alan Versaw.

Corrections on analyses for 3A Regions 1, 2, and 3 Alan Versaw Aug 13, 2014

My set of regional analyses failed to pick up on the fact that Colorado Academy was moved from 3A Region 2 to 3A Region 3 this year and Lake County and Middle Park from 3A Region 3 to 3A Region 1. So, here is what the analyses for those three regions should have looked like...

Undoing the Lake County Dynasty Alan Versaw Jan 27, 2013

On a pleasant morning in late October, 1986, Heidi Althoff, Tamara Madsen, Diana Madsen, Liz Graham, Rhonda Bivens, and Chelle King did in the greatest dynasty Colorado high school cross country had ever known. Contributed photo. Free content.

Scouting the Mountain Schools Alan Versaw Aug 17, 2011

Last year, Ian Boucher and Kelsi Lasota served notice that they'll be having an impact on Colorado high school cross country for a few years to come. Colorado Track XC file photos.