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Tri Peaks Girls Depth Analysis Alan Versaw Jan 19, 2017

Salida isn't necessarily going to knock one out of the park in every event, but they can score well across a frightening spectrum of events with athletes like Abby Ceglowski.

A Busy Morning of Foxes and Hounds Alan Versaw Oct 5, 2015

Golden's Mary Fox may have come in at a bit of an advantage, and she only built on that advantage to claim the individual title at the Rampart Foxes and Hounds race. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

On Week 2's Table... Alan Versaw Aug 31, 2015

After taking one on the chin to Air Academy on Friday, Megan Rossman and her Battle Mountain teammates could be loaded for bear this weekend. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Who's Back Next Year? 3A Girls Alan Versaw Jun 3, 2015

Allee Beach promises to be a potent force in 3A Girls next spring, but Beach and Platte Valley have to solve the same puzzle of closing the gap on Eaton that other 3A programs face. Photo by Alan Versaw.

3A Boys Season Preview Alan Versaw Aug 10, 2014

In the short list of serious individual title contenders, Taylor Stack and Ben Espinola rank high. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

3A girls for 2015 (updated) Alan Versaw Jun 2, 2014

McKayla Bauer, who kept this year's high jump interesting all the way through 5-5.5, figures to be back next year as one of the top high jumpers in the 3A classification. Colorado Track XC file photo.

Kings and queens of the rings May 20, 2014

With throwers like Santana Salazar constantly coming up through the ranks, we've long suspected Lamar has one of the best throwing programs in the state. The point totals from this year's state meet add a lot of weight that suspicion. Photo by Alan Versaw.

3A girls, take two Alan Versaw Apr 24, 2014

It's probably safe to say that 3A girls has taken a little clearer shape since our last look at the classifications top five. And most of that shaping has been taking place in a quiet little town just north of Greeley.

3A Girls Alan Versaw Apr 1, 2014

With this 3A girls installment, we continue our rotating series of Colorado Track XC Top 5 rankings, checking up on the top teams in each classification and gender.

Tri-Peaks League Girls in 2014 Alan Versaw Nov 14, 2013

2014 should be a good year for Vanguard to move up into the Tri-Peaks as they bring a solid roster, including Jenneah Lenzini and Jenny Smith, back next fall. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

State Previews: 3A Boys Alan Versaw Oct 21, 2013

Job one for Chris Baker will be winning a team state title, but if things go well he may figure into the individual race as well. Photo by Ron Eberhard.

3A Region 2 Preview Alan Versaw Oct 15, 2013

It's been the case all fall that where you see one Salida girl, you're bound to see a bunch--and they're usually very close to the front. Bari Beasley and Sydney Fesenmeyer share a little time together here. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

League Meet Frenzy! Alan Versaw Oct 7, 2013

If you were figuring on the Arvada West girls rolling over and playing dead for the Jeffco 5A title, you'd be sadly mistaken about that. Photo by Della Moore.

Shakers and Movers Aug 30, 2013

Callan Deline and Ian Boucher enjoyed a nice view from the front row of the 2A boys race. Photo by Tim Hilt.

3A Boys 2014 Alan Versaw May 31, 2013

Andy Bowles had a premature ending to his state meet this year, but figures to come back with redemption on his mind next year. Photo by Alan Versaw.

3A Boys 2013: A Changing of the Guard? Alan Versaw Nov 8, 2012

Frontier Academy's Chris Baker is a returning medalist from this year's state meet and the leader of a Frontier Academy team that has every reason to believe they're right in the thick of next year's title hunt. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

League Week in Review Alan Versaw Oct 14, 2012

Rachael Chacko gets a little encouragement from Coach Jeff Bliven as she goes by at the Centennial League Championships on Thursday. Photo by Kelli Noto.

Week in Review: Feels Like Fall Alan Versaw Oct 7, 2012

Several of the left. the race's top finishers can be identified at the front of the pack in this photo from the early stages of the Windjammer girls race, but eventual winner Erin Norton is biding her time on the left. Photo by Kelli Noto.

Week 6 in Review Alan Versaw Oct 9, 2011

A lone runner (who may be Evan Fortney--the form looks like his--but I'm not certain about that) negotiates the trails of the Pat Amato Classic on Friday. Photo by Cliff Jurgens.