State Through the Lens of Jeff McCoy, I

The combo deal of new state record and state title is feeling good.

Editor's Note: I didn't know until this morning that Jeff McCoy did some pole vaulting in high school--back in the day when pits were nothing like they are today. Three or four large mesh bags with dozens of torn-apart large pieces of foam sufficed for a pole vault pit in our day. Anyhow, I now better understand why there are always pole vault pictures in any set of meet photos I get from Jeff. This album is devoted entirely to the pole vault. Come back tomorrow for some of Jeff's favorite images of other events.

Hard to say exactly what Kimberly Peterson is concentrating on, but it's neither the bar nor the pole.

In most cases, this sort of reaction is reserved for a first successful trip over a height.

Generally speaking, the corner of Jeffco Stadium where we do the pole vault is a cruddy place to take photos, but this one takes great advantage of the elements.

The technique doesn't have to be conventional if it gets you over the bar.

Truitt Parrish bids his pole, "Au revoir!"