Meet Results Watch - ALL MEETS POSTED

Find out what meet results have just come in!

Listed below are all the weekend meets remaining for which I have not posted results as of 3 PM on Saturday. I'll put a note by each one as the results go up. Rankings update fairly quickly, but no instantaneously, when results are entered. And, until the rankings are updated, you can certainly go to the various meet pages where results have been posted and check that way.

Jeffco 4A/5A  --  4A POSTED!   5A POSTED!

Centennial League  --  POSTED!

Continental League Day 2  --  POSTED!

Pueblo West  --  POSTED!

John Martin  -- POSTED!

CSML 4A/5A  -- 4A & 5A POSTED!

Tri Peaks --  POSTED!

T-Bird Last Chance  -- POSTED!

Monte Vista Last Chance  --  POSTED!

Grand Valley Cardinal  -- POSTED!

Black Forest  -- POSTED!

Cedaredge Bruin  --  POSTED!