Nick Borne: Denver South to Lindenwood-Belleview

Nick Borne's senior year has been brimming over with high-voltage races, like this one at Mullen in April.


Nick Borne's Best Marks:

400 Meters - 49.64

800 Meters - 1:55.98

5K Cross Country - 19:01


In the overall scheme of things, not many Colorado kids have heard of have heard of Lindenwood-Belleview. How did you hear about the school, and what attracted you to the program?

The Head Coach from the track team contacted me after having seen my indoor time and we had a great conversation about my goals as a runner and his goals as a coach. We came to a mutual understanding that my being there would be mutually beneficial for us both, and I had a distinct feeling that would be the perfect place to develop as a runner after talking to him on numerous occasions.I also saw his own credentials and understood what he done for kids who had been coached by him and was thoroughly impressed. As well seeing what the school was like and it being a short distance from the St Louis, a city which I love, it just made a lot of sense to be there.

What do you plan to study at Lindenwood-Belleview?

Mass Communications with a minor in Theatre and Drama.

Your results kind of exploded between your sophomore and junior years, and then again between your junior and senior years. What is the background story on those jumps?

That's actually pretty funny, because I didn't really run that much my sophomore year, maybe five races at best. But, I won the Denver championship in the 8, and I realized along with my coaches I could have some real success with in the sport. So I became somewhat more dedicated my junior year and continued to get better, then my senior year started and I did XC, became captain of the team, and just continued at working to be the best runner I could. Then indoor started and that's where I really popped off in the 800m and that was in large part to the winter training I had done. And that really pushed me to excel in the outdoor season.

If you had to pick a favorite event, what is it and why?

By far the 400m, because it's one just one hard lap and there's really not much strategy to it other than running your heart out. 

Pick a favorite moment for us from your high school career.

That's a tough one, but if I had decide, it would either be when I ran the 800m race at the All Comers meet in Boulder and ran a 1:59, because no one that prior season had broken 2. Or breaking the Denver Prep league record and being #1 in state for the 4x8, that was amazing for my team and us having worked so hard for that moment. Or when my 4x4 team got the #1 spot in state. All in all, a great year.

What's left to accomplish in what's left of your high school career?

Do well at New Balance Nationals with my 4x8 team and hopefully either win it or place in the top 5.