A Virtual Meet Of The Freshman Class: 3A Girls

Triple jumper Brooke Stremler is one reason Lutheran can continue to have bright hopes for the future of their program.

Turning our attention this time to 3A Girls, we recall that this spring's top four teams were The Classical Academy, Elizabeth, Peak to Peak, and Lutheran. 

Interestingly, two of those four teams come out at the top of a virtual meet, with Alamosa, Berthoud, and Lamar nipping most closely at their heels. And, if you've followed 3A track for any time, nothing about Alamosa, Berthoud, and Lamar having solid programs surprises you much. All that to suggest you shouldn't be expecting any big changes in the power structure of 3A Girls track and field any time soon.

The rankings below were taken directly from the MileSplit rankings tool (which you can you to create and modify results on your own). Names to links work in the analysis below, but other links will not.

100 Meter Dash

1Regan Aurich2020Lutheran High School12.83 10
2Brooklynn Cox2020Brush High School13.12 8
3Abigail Venegas2020Bennett High School13.15 6
4Esther Eyberg2020Classical Academy, The13.18 5
5Alyssa Bailey2020Berthoud High School13.34 4
6Claire Smith2020Platte Valley High School13.49 3
7Allyssa Romero2020Alamosa High School13.50 1.5
7Jordyn Pittman2020Grand Valley High School13.50 1.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Regan Aurich2020Lutheran High School25.81 10
2Allyssa Romero2020Alamosa High School26.49 8
3Esther Eyberg2020Classical Academy, The26.53 6
4Alyssa Bailey2020Berthoud High School27.34 5
5Jordyn Pittman2020Grand Valley High School27.35 4
6Brooklynn Cox2020Brush High School27.39 3
7Lily Thimsen2020Jefferson Academy27.44 2
8Rachel Gaona2020Classical Academy, The27.84 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Regan Aurich2020Lutheran High School58.21 10
2Jordyn Pittman2020Grand Valley High School58.36 8
3Shannon King2020Faith Christian Academy1:00.63 6
4Allyssa Romero2020Alamosa High School1:00.70 5
5Lilly Lavier2020Alamosa High School1:00.85 4
6Lily Thimsen2020Jefferson Academy1:00.90 3
7Delaney Phillips2020Rifle High School1:01.23 2
8Olivia Wren2020Vanguard School, The1:01.77 1
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800 Meter Run

1Maggi Congdon2020Steamboat Springs High School2:18.33 10
2Lilly Lavier2020Alamosa High School2:18.71 8
3Shannon King2020Faith Christian Academy2:18.96 6
4Regan Aurich2020Lutheran High School2:28.97 5
5Madi Moen2020Vanguard School, The2:30.84 4
6Savannah Blohm2020Lutheran High School2:31.00 3
7Gyazmin Maestas2020Lamar High School2:34.78 2
8Emily Coleman2020University High School2:35.50 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Maggi Congdon2020Steamboat Springs High School5:10.07 10
2Shannon King2020Faith Christian Academy5:24.19 8
3Gabby Thomas2020Holy Family High School5:39.53 6
4Ruby Brown2020Salida High School5:41.99 5
5Lily Gillis2020Basalt High School5:48.03 4
6Gyazmin Maestas2020Lamar High School5:49.32 3
7Bria Rickert2020Gunnison High School5:53.29 2
8Bria Johnson2020Vanguard School, The5:53.84 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Bria Rickert2020Gunnison High School12:16.40 10
2Bria Johnson2020Vanguard School, The12:18.59 8
3Jordyn Pittman2020Grand Valley High School12:29.60 6
4Liberty Hippely2020Moffat County High School12:55.27 5
5Isabelle Ruble2020Peak to Peak Charter School13:03.99 4
6Gabby Thomas2020Holy Family High School13:13.19 3
7Alliyah Molina2020Alamosa High School13:28.62 2
8Alex Schultz2020Berthoud High School13:31.25 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Shenna Daum2020Classical Academy, The16.89 10
2Ruby Brown2020Salida High School17.17 8
3Elisabeth Jensen2020Colorado Springs Christian School17.18 6
4Olivia Mount2020Gunnison High School17.58 5
5Remi Baldwin2020Delta High School17.94 4
6Courtney Brown2020Manitou Springs High School18.07 3
7Emma Carver2020Classical Academy, The18.20 2
8Katherine Ellis2020Platte Valley High School18.45 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Ruby Brown2020Salida High School46.66 10
2Shenna Daum2020Classical Academy, The50.04 8
3Olivia Mount2020Gunnison High School50.83 6
4Elisabeth Jensen2020Colorado Springs Christian School51.56 5
5Peyton Frank2020Holy Family High School51.66 4
6Courtney Brown2020Manitou Springs High School51.71 3
7Remi Baldwin2020Delta High School51.97 2
8Ashley Kenny2020Lutheran High School52.72 1
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High Jump

1Maddy Williams2020Lamar High School5-2 10
2Ella Challis2020Conifer High School5-0 6.333
2Katie Farmer2020Holy Family High School5-0 6.333
2Taylor Motz2020Alamosa High School5-0 6.333
5Cali Clark2020Lamar High School4-10 3.5
5Faith Fowler2020Classical Academy, The4-10 3.5
7Peyton Ullrich2020Bennett High School4-9 2
8Ingrid Wedel2020Steamboat Springs High School4-8 0.25
8Jade Oliver2020Delta High School4-8 0.25
8Sadie Harrington2020Kent Denver School4-8 0.25
8Sara Geddes2020Delta High School4-8 0.25
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Long Jump

1Alyssa Bailey2020Berthoud High School16-7 10
2Angelina Walton2020Liberty Common High School15-8.75 8
3Caitlin Simmons2020Lutheran High School15-8.5 6
4Brooklynn Cox2020Brush High School15-7 5
5Ella Challis2020Conifer High School15-5 2.5
5Jasmine Mack2020Manual High School15-5 2.5
5Jenn Gomez2020Lamar High School15-5 2.5
5Noelle Meagher2020Eaton High School15-5 2.5
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Triple Jump

1Noelle Meagher2020Eaton High School35-7.75 10
2Brooke Stremler2020Lutheran High School34-7.75 8
3Shenna Daum2020Classical Academy, The32-11 6
4Taylor Motz2020Alamosa High School32-9.5 5
5Ella Challis2020Conifer High School32-7 4
6Katie Farmer2020Holy Family High School32-2 3
7Lily Thimsen2020Jefferson Academy31-10.5 2
8Jenna Wise2020Gunnison High School31-8 0.5
8Jordan Keck2020Berthoud High School31-8 0.5
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Pole Vault

1Kristina Willis2020Classical Academy, The10-4 10
2Katherine Ellis2020Platte Valley High School7-8 7
2Shilo Lottes2020Steamboat Springs High School7-8 7
4Hannah Lovely2020Liberty Common High School7-7 5
5Aaliyanah Hubert-Combs2020Frontier Academy7-4 4
6Lauren Gerken2020Weld Central High School7-3 3
7Nadalynn Lang2020Platte Valley High School7-2 2
8Darby Hamilton2020Gunnison High School7-0 1
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Shot Put

1Maria Lllaca2020La Junta High School31-3.5 10
2Drew Girling2020Sierra High School29-10 7
2Jahaira Luna2020Rifle High School29-10 7
4Caylah Million2020Moffat County High School29-5.5 5
5Madison Lett2020Elizabeth High School29-3 4
6Laura Riley2020Jefferson Academy29-1.5 3
7Norma Alejandro2020Olathe High School28-8 2
8Paige Quist2020Aspen High School28-6.75 1
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1Cali Clark2020Lamar High School97-11.5 10
2Celsey Selland2020Berthoud High School95-8 8
3Emily Cavey2020Berthoud High School94-0 6
4Kate Murphy2020Lutheran High School93-2 5
5Caylah Million2020Moffat County High School91-8 4
6Mattie Singley2020Brush High School90-5 3
7Alondra Hernandez2020Pagosa Springs High School89-3 2
8Dawn Renner2020Eaton High School87-11 1

Team Scores

1Lutheran High School58
2Classical Academy, The51.5
3Alamosa High School39.83
4Berthoud High School34.5
5Lamar High School31
6Steamboat Springs High School27.25
7Gunnison High School24.5
8Salida High School23
9Holy Family High School22.33
10Faith Christian Academy20
11Grand Valley High School19.5
12Brush High School19
13Moffat County High School14
13Vanguard School, The14
15Eaton High School13.5
16Liberty Common High School13
16Platte Valley High School13
18Conifer High School12.83
19Colorado Springs Christian School11
20Jefferson Academy10
20La Junta High School10
22Rifle High School9
23Bennett High School8
24Sierra High School7
25Delta High School6.5
26Manitou Springs High School6
27Basalt High School4
27Elizabeth High School4
27Frontier Academy4
27Peak to Peak Charter School4
31Weld Central High School3
32Manual High School2.5
33Olathe High School2
33Pagosa Springs High School2
35Aspen High School1
35University High School1
37Kent Denver School0.25