A Tiger Can't Change His Stripes, But Runners Can

We have already seen Cole Sprout in Valor colors, but there's more uniform swapping going on this fall than just Sprout's.

By now, a lot of you have already seen the start lists for Liberty Bell. And, if you scanned those closely, you found a few old names popping up in new places.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Cole Sprout is running in Valor Christian colors this fall. It's my understanding he becomes varsity eligible as soon as Valor has completed five varsity meets (Liberty Bell should be three). 

You might also have noticed the name of Tyler Scholl listed with a team of SkyView Academy. I had gotten wind of this transfer during the summer, but opted against saying anything definite about it until some form of confirmation came my way. Being entered into Liberty Bell with a SkyView Academy team affiliation counts as confirmation.

Don't count on seeing Scholl running in the Division 4 race with SkyView Academy, however. I don't know if Scholl has a half season of varsity eligibility or none this fall under the particulars of the transfer rule, but it would be too soon--in either case, and I am making an assumption the transfer rule applies here--for him to be running in a varsity race. What this means, then, is likely that Scholl shows up as an "extra," wearing SVA colors, in one of the B races for the other divisions of Liberty Bell.

It is my understanding (subject to correction) that the Scholl family still lives in Grand County but the younger Scholl does not attend either West Grand or Middle Park High School. At some level, that makes him a "free agent" for purposes of attaching to a team to run with. The last two years, that was Middle Park High School. This year, it's SkyView Academy. I don't have any more to tell you than that. If you need additional dots connected, you'll need to do that on your own.

The third name you might have noticed in an unconventional place is Levi Kilian, formerly of Highland, listed with a Heritage Christian Academy affiliation. Kilian's race status for Friday should be the same as Scholl's. In fact, they may well end up in the same race. Further, that same race might could conceivably include Cole Sprout as well.

It is my understanding (again, subject to correction) that Kilian does not live in Fort Collins, but takes some classes in Fort Collins, and has opted to align his athletic fortunes with Heritage Christian Academy (he did go down and run with several of their guys at Nike Cross Regionals last fall), which might mean sitting out a year of athletic eligibility. I do not have final word on his eligibility status for 2017-18, however. If you need additional dots connected, you'll need to do that on your own.