NXR-SW 2017 Start Lists: Girls Open Races

Alyssa Wells of Holy Family (Colorado) should figure as one of the favorites in the small school girls open race.

Shown below are the entries for the girls open races at NXR-SW 2017:

Division: Girls Small School Open
Reg: 257 Start Time: 8:20am (Pink)
            Name                        Age   Representing                 
           Allen, Jessica               SO   Abq Xc                              
           Giunta, Katie                SO   Abq Xc                              
           Johnson, Amelia              FR   Abq Xc                              
           Archer, Cailey               JR   Berthoud Xc And Track               
           Evans Dennison, Julianne     SO   Berthoud Xc And Track               
           Mathiesen, Kathryn           JR   Berthoud Xc And Track               
           Schultz, Alex                SO   Berthoud Xc And Track               
           Sundheim, Ellie              FR   Berthoud Xc And Track               
           White, Maycee                SR   Berthoud Xc And Track               
           Kravig, Kylie                FR   Bulldogs University Train           
           Richmeier, Pamela            SR   Bulldogs University Train           
           Yost, Sam                    FR   Bulldogs University Train           
           Charley, Cierra              JR   Chinle Black Mob                    
           Charley, Jacy                SR   Chinle Black Mob                    
           Davis, Darian                SR   Chinle Black Mob                    
           Honyumptewa, Alisia          JR   Chinle Black Mob                    
           Jim, Mariah                  SO   Chinle Black Mob                    
           Jim, Sadie                   SR   Chinle Black Mob                    
           Ute, Mya                     FR   Chinle Black Mob                    
           Bangma, Collette             SO   Colorado Cougars Cross Co           
           Cunningham, Micah            SO   Colorado Cougars Cross Co           
           Fantauzzo, Ellie             SO   Colorado Cougars Cross Co           
           Langer, Emerson              FR   Colorado Cougars Cross Co           
           Stocker, Brenaya             JR   Colorado Cougars Cross Co           
           Swith, Leisbeth              SO   Colorado Cougars Cross Co           
           Woodward, Kate               SO   Colorado Cougars Cross Co           
           Cann, Cassidy                SO   Colts Xc                            
           Curtin, Kaija                FR   Colts Xc                            
           Deem, Holly                  SO   Colts Xc                            
           Fargher, Megan               SO   Colts Xc                            
           Hecht, Melia                 FR   Colts Xc                            
           Johnston, Kara               FR   Colts Xc                            
           Martinez, Anndrea            FR   Colts Xc                            
           Sanders, Macie               SO   Colts Xc                            
           Cross, Alora                 SO   Competere Xc Club                   
           Watts, Madeline              SR   Competere Xc Club                   
           Clayton, Leah                SO   Cougs!!!                            
           Clayton, Maia                JR   Cougs!!!                            
           Gibson, Samantha             JR   Cougs!!!                            
           Harris, Jasmine              SO   Cougs!!!                            
           Kusser, Chloe                SO   Cougs!!!                            
           Phillips, Jaden              JR   Cougs!!!                            
           Phillips, Sloan              FR   Cougs!!!                            
           Pykkonen, Riza               FR   Cougs!!!                            
           Rose, Annika                 FR   Cougs!!!                            
           Schreiber, Kristina          SR   Cougs!!!                            
           Teegarden, Bri               SO   Cougs!!!                            
           Whitney, Tomah               SR   Cougs!!!                            
           Bass, Emma                   SR   Coyote Xc                           
           Bender, Anna                 FR   Coyote Xc                           
           Benze, Krista                SR   Coyote Xc                           
           Cardinale, Liza              FR   Coyote Xc                           
           Glass, Savanna               SR   Coyote Xc                           
           Hesuse, Aidyn                FR   Coyote Xc                           
           Jones, Rhylyn                SR   Coyote Xc                           
           Leishman, Elli               SO   Coyote Xc                           
           Mancuso De Lopez, Zoey       FR   Coyote Xc                           
           Medina, Angelina             SO   Coyote Xc                           
           Pena, Ariel                  SO   Coyote Xc                           
           Romanowski, Kailey           SO   Coyote Xc                           
           Tatum, Jordyn                SO   Coyote Xc                           
           Weig, Julia                  SO   Coyote Xc                           
           Greenberg, Emily             JR   Crusaders Rc                        
           Henze, Sophie                SR   Crusaders Rc                        
           Doan, Avery                  JR   Eagle Valley Track Club             
           Selinger, Audrey             SO   Eagles Race Team                    
           Selinger, Sierra             SR   Eagles Race Team                    
           Viovicente, Nikki            SO   East Valley Titans                  
           Bailey, Kate                 JR   Elevation                           
           Blodgett, Ginger             SO   Elevation                           
           Blodgett, Ginger             SO   Elevation                           
           Blodgett, Nora               SR   Elevation                           
           Gibson, Claire               SO   Elevation                           
           Lopez, Andrea                SR   Elevation                           
           Richardson, Leah             FR   Elevation                           
           Zavala, Alex                 SO   Elevation                           
           Curtis, Maria                JR   Faith Distance Urban Lege           
           Orstead, Aubrey              FR   Faith Distance Urban Lege           
           Regardie, Katherine          JR   Faith Distance Urban Lege           
           Robbins, Adiya               JR   Faith Distance Urban Lege           
           Mcneely, Emily               JR   Falcons                             
           Aleigha, Street              JR   Fast                                
           Angus, Samantha              SO   Fast                                
           Brown, Julia                 SO   Fast                                
           Meyer, Peyton                JR   Fast                                
           Murphy, Emma                 FR   Fast                                
           Street, Audrynn              FR   Fast                                
           Quintana, Auri               FR   Four Mountain Footracers            
           Carr, Ryleigh                JR   Grave Robbers                       
           Lizzy, Gueck                 JR   Grave Robbers                       
           Pallotto, Kaitlyn            JR   Grave Robbers                       
           Wagner, Leeann               SR   Grave Robbers                       
           Wagner, Megan                SR   Grave Robbers                       
           Durell, Ani                  SO   Griffin Running Club                
           Wilson, Taryn                JR   Griffin Running Club                
           Demuth, Kiah                 JR   Holbrook Running Club               
           Smith, Ellie                 SO   Holbrook Running Club               
           Cook, Lauren                 FR   Jaguar Running                      
           Haerbig, Katelyn             FR   Jaguar Running                      
           Haerbig, Taylor              FR   Jaguar Running                      
           Livingood, Kati              FR   Jaguar Running                      
           Morin, Sonja                 FR   Jaguar Running                      
           Stensland, Chloe             SR   Jaguar Running                      
           Zapico, Corin                JR   Jaguar Running                      
           Guiles, Kylie                FR   Mancos Xc                           
           Manning, Grace               FR   Mancos Xc                           
           Camp, Audrey                 FR   Millard Xc Club                     
           Kelly, Katy                  FR   Millard Xc Club                     
           Cross, Helen                 SO   Ned                                 
           Davidson, Sarah              SR   Ned                                 
           Dominguez, Vanessa           FR   Panteras                            
           Azzopardi, Madisyn           SO   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Bahr, Carissa                JR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Burroughs, Sarah             JR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Elliott, Mckenzie            SR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Flaherty, Katie              JR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Maughn, Rachael              JR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Obergfell, Kotryna           SO   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Percy, Erin                  SR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Thompson, Kaylee             JR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Van Buren, Brittney          FR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           White, Elizabeth             JR   Pikes Peak Xc                       
           Batty, Tommi                 SR   Richfield Running Club              
           Monsen, Kassie               SR   Richfield Running Club              
           Southwick, Seonna            JR   Richfield Running Club              
           Workman, Aspen               SO   Richfield Running Club              
           Eickleberry, Kendra          SR   Rider Nation Xc                     
           Eldridge, Ashley             SO   Rider Nation Xc                     
           Lagunas, Kelsey              JR   Rider Nation Xc                     
           Leal, Gracie                 FR   Rider Nation Xc                     
           Ortiz, Daisy                 SO   Rider Nation Xc                     
           Severin, Emily               JR   Rider Nation Xc                     
           Yost, Riane                  JR   Rider Nation Xc                     
           Begay, Nariah                JR   Runnin Devils                       
           Bryan, Sofia                 JR   Runnin Devils                       
           Daw, Breeann                 JR   Runnin Devils                       
           Fowler, Nahaniya             FR   Runnin Devils                       
           Tate, Kodi                   JR   Runnin Devils                       
           Tenpenny, Victoria           SR   Runnin Devils                       
           Flinders, Linzy              JR   Sanpete Running Club                
           Ruiz, Alyssa                 JR   Sentinels                           
           Trevino, Alysa               SO   Sentinels                           
           Brown, Ruby                  SO   Sxc                                 
           Clark, Fern                  FR   Sxc                                 
           Earhart, Kaela               SO   Sxc                                 
           Earhart, Rebekah             SR   Sxc                                 
           Kastner, Cecilia             JR   Sxc                                 
           Mann, Jillian                JR   Sxc                                 
           Shaffer, Kaylynn             FR   Sxc                                 
           Shepherd, Claire             JR   Sxc                                 
           Veazey, Nina                 JR   Sxc                                 
           Anglin, Stephanie            SR   The Basalteens                      
           Bower, Sierra                FR   The Basalteens                      
           Curnow, Jenna                SR   The Basalteens                      
           Gillis, Lily                 SO   The Basalteens                      
           Maker, Makenzie              SO   The Basalteens                      
           Maley, Megan                 JR   The Basalteens                      
           Moon, Sophia                 FR   The Basalteens                      
           Peery, Lily                  SO   The Basalteens                      
           Robinson, Carly              SR   The Basalteens                      
           White, Becca                 SR   The Basalteens                      
           Corah, Payton                SR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Finocchiaro, Nina            SO   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Hren, Daniela                FR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Hren, Isabelle               SR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Jordan, Grace                FR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Napierkowski, Kika           SR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Napierkowski, Sally          SO   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Paulson, Zoe                 JR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Santangelo, Taylor           SR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Silva, Kylynn                SR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Unrein, Trinity              JR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Wells, Alyssa                FR   Tiger Family Colorado               
           Cheruiyot, Sheilah           JR   Tiger Xc                            
           Kattam, Purity               SO   Tiger Xc                            
           Lagat, Ashley                SO   Tiger Xc                            
           Baker, Grace                 JR   Timpanogos                          
           Cox, Millie                  SO   Timpanogos                          
           Martinez, Juliana            SO   Timpanogos                          
           Min, Ashley                  FR   Timpanogos                          
           Oberhansly, Sofia            FR   Timpanogos                          
           Ray, Joelle                  SO   Timpanogos                          
           Robinson, Amy                SO   Timpanogos                          
           Ruales, Jasmine              FR   Timpanogos                          
           Schaerrer, Keeper            SR   Timpanogos                          
           Weber, Kati                  SO   Timpanogos                          
           Schaefer, Emma               SR   Unatatched                          
           Anderson, Claire             JR   Unattached                          
           Anderson, Hannah             SO   Unattached                          
           Baade, Elizabeth             SO   Unattached                          
           Butler, Paige                SO   Unattached                          
           Doherty, Jane                JR   Unattached                          
           Elander, Rachel              SR   Unattached                          
           Erdelac-newman, Gabi         SR   Unattached                          
           Fahlman, Anna                FR   Unattached                          
           Fossel, Lauren               SR   Unattached                          
           Gigstad, Hannah              SR   Unattached                          
           Goble, Ashlin                SR   Unattached                          
           Grove, Payton                SR   Unattached                          
           Harbick, Chloe               SO   Unattached                          
           Hough, Abbey                 SR   Unattached                          
           Jensen, Shantedaan           JR   Unattached                          
           Jensen, Sweetpea             FR   Unattached                          
           Lopez, Elizabeth             SR   Unattached                          
           Lopez, Sarah                 FR   Unattached                          
           Maeda, Sophia                SR   Unattached                          
           Morales, Paige               SR   Unattached                          
           Morrissette, Isabella        SR   Unattached                          
           Neujahr, Veronica            SO   Unattached                          
           Nevarez, Ailine              SR   Unattached                          
           Norris, Madison              SR   Unattached                          
           Page, Addie                  JR   Unattached                          
           Pitcl, Olivia                JR   Unattached                          
           Ponzio, Anna                 SR   Unattached                          
           Rangel, Yesenia              SR   Unattached                          
           Reid, Alayah                 JR   Unattached                          
           Retzlaff, Lisa               SR   Unattached                          
           Schaefer, Emma               SR   Unattached                          
           Stack, Elise                 FR   Unattached                          
           Stein, Amanda                JR   Unattached                          
           Wells, Kaitlin               SR   Unattached                          
           Widlund, Molly               FR   Unattached                          
           Widlund, Sally               SO   Unattached                          
           Williams, Samantha           SR   Unattached                          
           Zimmer, Julianna             SO   Unattached                          
           Chock, Simone                SO   Unleashed                           
           Helgesen, Faith              JR   Unleashed                           
           Huston, Kaylee               **   Unleashed                           
           Lawrence, Nicole             SR   Unleashed                           
           Poole, Katy                  FR   Unleashed                           
           Poole, Kylie                 JR   Unleashed                           
           Brooks, Bethany              SO   Vail Running Ravens                 
           Izatt, Katie                 SR   Vail Running Ravens                 
           Mckean, Alice                JR   Vail Running Ravens                 
           Yelifari, Katie              SR   Vail Running Ravens                 
           Badger, Celia                JR   Vail Valley Running Club            
           Diemar, Hayley               SO   Vail Valley Running Club            
           Fahrney, Kaela               SR   Vail Valley Running Club            
           Kirchner, Berit              SR   Vail Valley Running Club            
           Reeder, Emma                 FR   Vail Valley Running Club            
           Trueblood, Gabby             SR   Vail Valley Running Club            
           Trueblood, Josephine         SO   Vail Valley Running Club            
           Bedonie, Abbyann             FR   Window Rock Running Club            
           Deschine, Adrienne           JR   Window Rock Running Club            
           Dickson, Angel               SR   Window Rock Running Club            
           Jaques, Keyah                FR   Window Rock Running Club            
           Long, Cameron                SR   Window Rock Running Club            
           Murphy, Taylor               SR   Window Rock Running Club            
           Sanders, Jaymill             JR   Window Rock Running Club            
           Beck, Kayla                  SR   Wings                               
           Mcintosh, Janaya             SR   Wings                               
           Mnintosh, Jayla              SO   Wings                               
           Robinson, Precious           JR   Wings                               
           Thomas, Ashley               JR   Wings                               
           Quinones, Arianna            SR   Winslow Xc                          
           Yazzie, Dana                 JR   Winslow Xc                          
           Zunie, Gayle                 FR   Zuni Roadrunners                    

Division: Girls Medium School Open
Reg: 292 Start Time: 8:35am (Yellow)
            Name                        Age   Representing                 
           Abeyta, Jaylin               JR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Becker, Kaitlyn              JR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Bell, Emily                  SR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Brower, Melodie              JR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Estes, Mallorie              FR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Green, Kiran                 JR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Mercure, Jessica             FR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Michie, Melina               JR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Mitchell, Charlotte          JR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Ramirez, Frankki             SR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Read, Abigail                SO   Adams County Cruisers               
           Saucedo, Sara                FR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Uhing, Mckenna               JR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Yates, Mckenna               FR   Adams County Cruisers               
           Nez, Celine                  SO   Bengal                              
           Escanuela, Elisia            JR   Bronco Running Club                 
           Felknor, Lauren              SO   Broomfield Xc                       
           Hartley, Nina                SR   Broomfield Xc                       
           Adams, Lauren                SO   Bxc Club                            
           Christensen, Valancey        JR   Bxc Club                            
           Figueroa, Joanna             SR   Bxc Club                            
           Garner, Sydney               SR   Bxc Club                            
           Munoz, Chasity               JR   Bxc Club                            
           Peterson, Jessica            SR   Bxc Club                            
           Peterson, Kate               SO   Bxc Club                            
           Alvarado, Ashley             FR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Chaston, Emily               JR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Enterman, Jensen             SO   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Heinicke, Brooke             FR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Joyce, Anya                  JR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Markus, Anneliese            JR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Raley, Breanne               FR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Ray, Sedona                  SR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Steinfort, Taegan            SO   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Warmack, Anna                JR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Wickersham, Morgan           JR   Colorado Springs Track Cl           
           Abernethy, Grace             SO   Corunado                            
           Besse, Hannah                SR   Corunado                            
           Cassens, Chloe               SR   Corunado                            
           Dutton, Taylor               SR   Corunado                            
           Moreland, Madeline           JR   Corunado                            
           Roebke, Layla                JR   Corunado                            
           Roth, Faith                  JR   Corunado                            
           Baker, Lauren Zoe            SR   Creek Xc                            
           Beckwith, Lindsay            SO   Creek Xc                            
           Burns, Hanna                 JR   Creek Xc                            
           Fischmann, Cami              SO   Creek Xc                            
           Fostveit, Abby               SO   Creek Xc                            
           Morgan, Alyssa               SO   Creek Xc                            
           Morgan, Kylie                SO   Creek Xc                            
           Anderson, Maggie             FR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Baxter, Lillian              SR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Bendorf, Julia               SR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Fink, Olivia                 SR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Hecox, Ainsley               JR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Kurtz, Hannah                FR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Lodice, Skylar               SR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Meehan, Chloe                FR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Oryschyn, Sydney             JR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Pidek, Lucy                  JR   Dakota Xc Club                      
             echaty, Zoe                JR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Renner, Michelle             SR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Schmidt, Samantha            SO   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Sellers, Kylee               FR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Vagher, Abby                 JR   Dakota Xc Club                      
           Barney, Macie                JR   Desert Hills Running Club           
           Brinkerhoff, Bailey          JR   Desert Hills Running Club           
           Leukenga, Lauren             SO   Desert Hills Running Club           
           Marchant, Amanda             SO   Desert Hills Running Club           
           Nelson, Samantha             JR   Desert Hills Running Club           
           Poulton, Lily                JR   Desert Hills Running Club           
           Schimbeck, Trinity           JR   Desert Hills Running Club           
           Dehoios, Schyler             JR   Dreamchasers                        
           Gasper, Sydney               FR   Dreamchasers                        
           Mobley, Mikayla              SR   Dreamchasers                        
           Wilson, Megan                SR   Dreamchasers                        
           Boyles, Madeleine            SO   Eagles Elite Xc Club                
           Kavvadas, Victoria           SO   Eagles Elite Xc Club                
           Lundgren, Julia              SO   Eagles Elite Xc Club                
           Busath, Hope                 SO   Exceler8                            
           Day, Sydney                  SO   Exceler8                            
           Edwards, Annalese            SO   Exceler8                            
           Gearhart, Rebecca            SO   Exceler8                            
           Gulig, Audrey                SO   Exceler8                            
           Gulig, Grace                 SO   Exceler8                            
           Ogrady, Caitlin              SR   Exceler8                            
           Lopez, Valerie               SO   Gd Racing                           
           Moosman, Maile               SR   Gd Racing                           
           Navarrete, Anahi             FR   Gd Racing                           
           Pina, Guadalupe              SR   Gd Racing                           
           Suciu, Andrea                SO   Gd Racing                           
           Fox, Mary                    JR   Golden                              
           Gerritson, Madelynn          JR   Golden                              
           Goodrich, Jadyn              FR   Golden                              
           Goodrich, Rachel             SO   Golden                              
           Mcmullin, Harmony            FR   Golden                              
           Mequi, Maricel               SR   Golden                              
           Oconnell, Maggie             FR   Golden                              
           Appell, Lidia                FR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Bailey, Jordan               SR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Beus, Abby                   SO   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Bridge, Risa                 JR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Burnside, Paulina            JR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Coblentz, Amaya              SO   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Gartz, Hannah                FR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Hemez, Zoe                   SR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Kelly, Marin                 JR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Petersen, Lillian            SO   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Phillips, Elyse              JR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Pyle, Mable                  FR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Sutton, Michaelle            SR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Ulrich, Charlie              SR   Los Alamos Cross Country            
           Burch, Kennedy               JR   Loveland Track Club                 
           Huhta, Alix                  SO   Loveland Track Club                 
           Ketner, Callie               JR   Loveland Track Club                 
           Lindgren, Mckenzie           FR   Loveland Track Club                 
           Lopez, Dulce                 FR   Loveland Track Club                 
           Shannon, Izzy                SO   Loveland Track Club                 
           Velarde, Cecilla             FR   Loveland Track Club                 
           Debuse, Maeve                JR   Mavericks                           
           Kinzle, Kyla                 SO   Mavericks                           
           Postle, Sydney               SR   Mavericks                           
           Salazar, Kaitlyn             JR   Mavericks                           
           Stephen, Kenna               FR   Mavericks                           
           Stephen, Ryleigh             JR   Mavericks                           
           Faragher, Ashley             FR   Mountain View Ut                    
           Allison, Judith              JR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Allison, Rue                 SR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Ellers, Maya                 FR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Gavin, Sofia                 SR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Guevara, Brooke              SO   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Holder, Maya                 SO   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Quintana, Isabella           FR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Sanchez, Alexandria          SR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Sanchez, Katherine           SR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Smith, Hannah                SR   Northern New Mexico Harri           
           Allen, Morgan                JR   O-town Tigers                       
           Allred, Kate                 SO   O-town Tigers                       
           Ballard, Rachel              FR   O-town Tigers                       
           Blair, Abbey                 JR   O-town Tigers                       
           Boehm, Elisa                 FR   O-town Tigers                       
           Caldwell, Chloe              FR   O-town Tigers                       
           Crabtree, Katie              FR   O-town Tigers                       
           Gottfredson, Elizabeth       SR   O-town Tigers                       
           Gray, Bonita                 FR   O-town Tigers                       
           Hatch, Amanda                JR   O-town Tigers                       
           Hatch, Bailey                SR   O-town Tigers                       
           Larson, Brooke               JR   O-town Tigers                       
           Barnett, Emma                SO   Olympus Xc                          
           Carson, Lauren               JR   Olympus Xc                          
           Chatterton, Sage             SR   Olympus Xc                          
           Chipman, Lane                FR   Olympus Xc                          
           Connolly, Maya               FR   Olympus Xc                          
           Dehlin, Clara                JR   Olympus Xc                          
           Fredrick, Jane               SO   Olympus Xc                          
           Hall, Hannah                 SR   Olympus Xc                          
           Johnsen, Cassie              SR   Olympus Xc                          
           Marberger, Kate              FR   Olympus Xc                          
           Rasmussen, Abby              JR   Olympus Xc                          
           Rasmussen, Eden              SR   Olympus Xc                          
           Thomas, Kate                 SO   Olympus Xc                          
           Adams, Maddie                SR   Orem Tiger Xc                       
           Bergeson, Susanna            JR   Orem Tiger Xc                       
           Ellis, Mary                  SR   Orem Tiger Xc                       
           Shields, Cydney              JR   Orem Tiger Xc                       
           Warner, Anna                 SR   Orem Tiger Xc                       
           Warner, Brooklyn             SR   Orem Tiger Xc                       
           Winward, Kimberly            JR   Orem Tiger Xc                       
           Breiholz, Camille            JR   Park City                           
           Greene, Liza                 SR   Park City                           
           Hall, Kat                    SO   Park City                           
           Lapine, Sydney               SO   Park City                           
           Oraskovich, Shelby           FR   Park City                           
           Townshend, Daisy             SR   Park City                           
           Baker, Addi                  JR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Borrowman, Brynnli           SR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Boyer, Jenna                 FR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Brown, Alli                  FR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Brown, Kylee                 SO   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Chepkwurui, Jada             SO   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Clements, Gracie             FR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Finch, Jenessa               SO   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Green, Anna                  SO   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Hall, Ashlee                 SO   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Holt, Pyper                  FR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Loya, Brianna                SR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Smith, Seanne                JR   Pine View Xc Club                   
           Bray, Makenna                SO   Prescott Xc Club                    
           Castro, Tea                  FR   Prescott Xc Club                    
           Davis, Carley                SO   Prescott Xc Club                    
           Evans, Carissa               SR   Prescott Xc Club                    
           Hillig, Kara                 SR   Prescott Xc Club                    
           Mcmahon, Emily               SO   Prescott Xc Club                    
           Triana, Xochitl              SO   Prescott Xc Club                    
           Hansen, Mckenzie-keola       SR   Queen Creek Xc                      
           Partin, Ashley               SR   Queen Creek Xc                      
           Finley, Mallory              JR   Real Training                       
           Gillett, Elise               SO   Real Training                       
           Goff, Madeline               FR   Real Training                       
           Lennert, Eva                 FR   Real Training                       
           Mcdonald, Hannah             SR   Real Training                       
           Urffer, Violet               FR   Real Training                       
           Van Riper, Sally             FR   Real Training                       
           Wasson, Maisie               FR   Real Training                       
           Bland, Darleen               JR   Rt. 66 Runners                      
           Cantrell, Kylie              JR   Rt. 66 Runners                      
           Hecker, Alexis               SO   Rt. 66 Runners                      
           Hecker, Alize                SO   Rt. 66 Runners                      
           Koebel, Kelly                SR   Rt. 66 Runners                      
           Mayberry, Shayla             FR   Rt. 66 Runners                      
           Wilson, Meah                 SR   Rt. 66 Runners                      
           Christopher, Maddy           SR   Run Flagstaff                       
           Jecmen, Devon                SR   Run Flagstaff                       
           Lowry, Taylore               SR   Run Flagstaff                       
           Marston, Sydney              SO   Run Flagstaff                       
           Painter, Chloe               SR   Run Flagstaff                       
           Vollmer, Katrina             FR   Run Flagstaff                       
           Walker, Grace                JR   Run Flagstaff                       
           Frandsen, Tabitha            SR   Security Sharks                     
           Froelich, Sarah              SR   Security Sharks                     
           Rodrigues, Madelyn           SO   Security Sharks                     
           Burningham, Aubrey           SR   Spanish Fork                        
           Clements, Kimball            JR   Spanish Fork                        
           Gardner, Rainie              SO   Spanish Fork                        
           Gladding, Mckenzie           SO   Spanish Fork                        
           Redd, Bayleigh               FR   Spanish Fork                        
           Romney, Addison              JR   Spanish Fork                        
           Romney, Raegan               SO   Spanish Fork                        
           Baldwin, Avery               JR   Springville Cross Country           
           Blakey, Bethany              FR   Springville Cross Country           
           Cannon, Abigail              SO   Springville Cross Country           
           Felix, Lydia                 FR   Springville Cross Country           
           Gee, Kaitlyn                 JR   Springville Cross Country           
           Park, Ella                   JR   Springville Cross Country           
           Penrod, Olivia               FR   Springville Cross Country           
           Rex, Katie                   SO   Springville Cross Country           
           Skinner, Mariah              JR   Springville Cross Country           
           Walker, Madison              FR   Springville Cross Country           
           Allen, Elena                 FR   Stansbury Xc Club                   
           Allen, Miranda               JR   Stansbury Xc Club                   
           Archer, Shelby               SO   Stansbury Xc Club                   
           Beazer, Eliza                FR   Stansbury Xc Club                   
           Hales, Zoe                   SR   Stansbury Xc Club                   
           Osborn, Masche               SR   Stansbury Xc Club                   
           Rogers, Mckenna              JR   Stansbury Xc Club                   
           Battle, Ansley               SR   Tiger Town Xc                       
           Drake, Sheyenne              JR   Tiger Town Xc                       
           Fernandez, Isabel            SO   Tiger Town Xc                       
           Fugate, Kyla                 SR   Tiger Town Xc                       
           Sandoval, Gabriella          FR   Tiger Town Xc                       
           Baker, Ashlyn                SO   Timpanogos                          
           Benson, Abby                 FR   Timpanogos                          
           Farley, Morgan               SR   Timpanogos                          
           Gillies, Bailee              SO   Timpanogos                          
           Hakala, Emily                SR   Timpanogos                          
           Hickman, Shelbie             JR   Timpanogos                          
           Hunsaker, Raechel            SR   Timpanogos                          
           Mashburn, Brooke             SO   Timpanogos                          
           Moffitt, Madison             SR   Timpanogos                          
           Nuttall, Jennifer            SR   Timpanogos                          
           Parker, Meredith             JR   Timpanogos                          
           Patterson, Ashlyn            JR   Timpanogos                          
           Preator, Sidney              SO   Timpanogos                          
           Viertel, Taylor              SR   Timpanogos                          
           Burkett, Hannah              SR   Unattached                          
           Mcconnell, Caitlin           JR   Unattached                          
           Strizich, Lauren             SO   Unattached                          
           Tsosie, Holly                JR   Unattached                          
           Williams, Sydney             JR   Unattached                          
           Irwin, Riley                 FR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Jason, Hadley                JR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Jones, Keely                 JR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Macdonald, Nicole            SR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Randall, Alli                FR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Sees, Emma                   JR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Sprout, Avery                FR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Wetta, Kindyll               FR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Whitfield, Taylor            FR   Valor Xc & Distance                 
           Delacruz, Arlet              SO   Warrior Xc                          
           Espinoza, Ivory              SR   Warrior Xc                          
           Espinoza, Rebekah            FR   Warrior Xc                          
           Hubbard, Destiny             JR   Warrior Xc                          
           Jones, Elizabeth             JR   Warrior Xc                          
           Key, Kelty                   SO   Warrior Xc                          
           Martinez, Valeria            SO   Warrior Xc                          
           Stanley, Kaitlyn             SO   Warrior Xc                          
           Beck, Ester                  SR   Wings                               
           Hawkins, Michaela            FR   Wings                               
           Johnson, Daniella            JR   Wings                               
           Ramirez, Jessica             SR   Wings                               
           Rockwell, Jasmine            FR   Wings                               
           Yazzie, Lakyla               JR   Wings                               

Division: Girls Large School Open 1
Reg: 205 Start Time: 8:50am (Red)
            Name                        Age   Representing                 
           Gomez, Gabrielle             SO   100 Mile Club                       
           Matos, Yasmin                SR   100 Mile Club                       
           Quinterio-soria, Isabel      FR   100 Mile Club                       
           Maddux, Alexis               SR   51 Union Project                    
           Nordeoff, Kayla              JR   51 Union Project                    
           Russo Bielamowicz, Daryn     JR   51 Union Project                    
           Bruestle, Elaine             FR   Aggie Running Club                  
           Jackson, Rachel              JR   Aggie Running Club                  
           Campbell, Bailey             FR   Alta Track Club                     
           Edwards, Grace               JR   Alta Track Club                     
           Harlow, Lainey               JR   Alta Track Club                     
           Hill, Hailey                 JR   Alta Track Club                     
           Hutchison, Sophie            SR   Alta Track Club                     
           Lebow, Bailey                SR   Alta Track Club                     
           Warner, Ellie                FR   Alta Track Club                     
           Elmont, Cassidy              JR   American Fork Xc Club               
           Evans, Lacie                 SR   American Fork Xc Club               
           Green, Allie                 JR   American Fork Xc Club               
           Kerr, Kayley                 FR   American Fork Xc Club               
           Orton, Elyse                 JR   American Fork Xc Club               
           Tee  es, Rebecca             JR   American Fork Xc Club               
           Hibbard, Kathryn             FR   Beak Performance                    
           Avery, Julia                 JR   Bear Cave Xc Club                   
           Bernhart, Grace              JR   Bear Cave Xc Club                   
           Blevins, Leah                SO   Bobcats                             
           Emma, Kira                   SR   Bobcats                             
           Kornachuk, Ande              SR   Bobcats                             
           Lopez, Vivian                FR   Bobcats                             
           Tiffany, Cedie               FR   Bobcats                             
           Zak, Ciara                   SR   Bobcats                             
           Gonzalez-munoz, Lina         SO   Bolts Xc Club                       
           Arford, Kate                 FR   Boulder Creek Running Clu           
           Clarke, Julia                FR   Boulder Creek Running Clu           
           Fenton, Sarah                FR   Boulder Creek Running Clu           
           Lozano, Alyssa               JR   Boulder Creek Running Clu           
           Maceachern, Anna             SR   Boulder Creek Running Clu           
           Smith, Hanna                 JR   Boulder Creek Running Clu           
           Johannes, Amelia             JR   Buffaloes                           
           Thomas, Mahalia              JR   Buffaloes                           
           Littleman, Kloe              JR   Bulldogs Running Club               
           Bare, Jade                   FR   Cdsxc                               
           Burgess, Mackenzie           JR   Cdsxc                               
           Burnside, Peyton             FR   Cdsxc                               
           Da Rosa, Mia                 SR   Cdsxc                               
           Hedberg, Emma                JR   Cdsxc                               
           Holiday, Adria               SR   Cdsxc                               
           Magana, Isabella             SO   Cdsxc                               
           Nichols, Taylor              SO   Cdsxc                               
           Phillips, Kristina           SR   Cdsxc                               
           Sarno, Isabella              JR   Cdsxc                               
           Thomas, Andelina             SR   Cdsxc                               
           Weidner, Audrey              FR   Cdsxc                               
           Wright, Riley                SR   Cdsxc                               
           Turner, Sarah                FR   Chaparral (az)                      
           Bonfante, Emma               JR   Colorado Flyers                     
           Cortes, Chloe                SR   Colorado Flyers                     
           Ellington, Erin              SR   Colorado Flyers                     
           Hallin, Denika               JR   Colorado Flyers                     
           Inhelder, Chloe              SO   Colorado Flyers                     
           Luetkenhaus, Hannah          SO   Colorado Flyers                     
           Martenson, Emily             SO   Colorado Flyers                     
           Mercer, Kaitlyn              JR   Colorado Flyers                     
           Robbins, Caroline            SR   Colorado Flyers                     
           Swanson, Anna                SO   Colorado Flyers                     
           Torgerson, Lindsey           JR   Colorado Flyers                     
           Allen, Miriam                FR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Anderson, Cayla              FR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Cusick, Jessica              SR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Hart, Kaila                  FR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Kibler, Caitlin              SR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Markee, Brittany             SR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Mclaughlin, Hanna            JR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Pedersen, Claire             SO   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Perks, Gwenyth               JR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Rosado, Daniella             JR   Cool Blue Reason                    
           Allart, Megan                JR   Davis Xc                            
           Anderson, Ellie              JR   Davis Xc                            
           Anderson, Jane               JR   Davis Xc                            
           Berry, Erin                  SR   Davis Xc                            
           Groll, Andie                 SR   Davis Xc                            
           Hoffman, Kylee               JR   Davis Xc                            
           Issertell, Elisabeth         FR   Davis Xc                            
           Johnson, Madelyn             JR   Davis Xc                            
           Kealamakia, Bailey           SO   Davis Xc                            
           Mcgurk, Hannah               JR   Davis Xc                            
           Miller, Sara                 SR   Davis Xc                            
           Peters, Alexa                FR   Davis Xc                            
           Rich, Addy                   JR   Davis Xc                            
           Robinson, Jennica            JR   Davis Xc                            
           Schraedel, Roselind          JR   Davis Xc                            
           Smith, Jacque                JR   Davis Xc                            
           Stuart, Kate                 SR   Davis Xc                            
           Swanson, Becky               SR   Davis Xc                            
           Taylor, Autumn               JR   Davis Xc                            
           Van Brocklin, Isabella       JR   Davis Xc                            
           Vasquez, Tilly               SO   Davis Xc                            
           Waddoups, Abi                JR   Davis Xc                            
           Walpole, Whitney             FR   Davis Xc                            
           Baron, Emma                  SO   Dcc Thunder                         
           Braun, Abigail               SO   Dcc Thunder                         
           Fife, Isabella               FR   Dcc Thunder                         
           Linnenburger, Loren          FR   Dcc Thunder                         
           Miller, Hannah               JR   Dcc Thunder                         
           Willard, Morgan              FR   Dcc Thunder                         
           Black, Ellie                 SO   Fossil Ridge Track Club             
           Edwards, Allison             JR   Fossil Ridge Track Club             
           Fogarty, Billie              JR   Fossil Ridge Track Club             
           Saint, Emma                  FR   Fossil Ridge Track Club             
           Teslow, Sydney               SR   Fossil Ridge Track Club             
           Tkachenko, Anya              JR   Fossil Ridge Track Club             
           Amezcua, Samantha            SO   Geico Insurance Running C           
           Detweiler, Dana              JR   Geico Insurance Running C           
           Gornet-felix, Ana            SR   Geico Insurance Running C           
           Lazarus, Carson              JR   Geico Insurance Running C           
           Smith, Mia                   JR   Geico Insurance Running C           
           Baker, Karli                 JR   Gtd-x                               
           Braun, Sammy                 FR   Gtd-x                               
           Conrad, Abbie                SR   Gtd-x                               
           Keeble, Kristen              SO   Gtd-x                               
           Liddy, Caroline              SR   Gtd-x                               
           Nielson, Annika              SR   Gtd-x                               
           Smith, Karina                JR   Gtd-x                               
           Valandra, Grace              SO   Gtd-x                               
           Rousey, Paige                SO   Herriman Xc                         
           Cavanaugh, Brianna           SR   Huskies Country                     
           Cronin, Theresa              SR   Huskies Country                     
           Dionisio, Sidney             SO   Huskies Country                     
           Jeffers, Chloe               SR   Huskies Country                     
           Mcdowall, Claire             SO   Huskies Country                     
           Bowker, Riley                SR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Brown, Kelsey                SO   Husky Cross Country                 
           Doane, Priya                 JR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Evans, Kate                  SR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Faris, Arianna               SO   Husky Cross Country                 
           Hayes, Maia                  SR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Lee, Jenna                   JR   Husky Cross Country                 
           March, Elizabeth             JR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Mcintyre, Ashley             SO   Husky Cross Country                 
           Payne, Natalie               SR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Penny, Grace                 JR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Rottkamp, Lauren             SO   Husky Cross Country                 
           Tenney, Jessica              JR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Trapp, Ashlyn                JR   Husky Cross Country                 
           Bernardone, Alyssa           SR   Justeagles                          
           Griego, Lauren               JR   Justeagles                          
           Norcross, Kendal             SR   Justeagles                          
           Ortiz, Natasha               JR   Justeagles                          
           Padilla, Jeanette            JR   Justeagles                          
           Atkinson, Josephine          FR   Knight Time Runners Club            
           Churchill, Aloha             SO   Knight Time Runners Club            
           Smith, Ellie                 SO   Knight Time Runners Club            
           Kraus, Erin                  SR   Lasercats                           
           Myers, Penelopy              JR   Lasercats                           
           Nevarez, Stefania            SO   Lasercats                           
           Hancock-derose, Jamie        FR   Left Hand Cross                     
           Marshall, Ella               SO   Left Hand Cross                     
           Potts, Pipper                SO   Left Hand Cross                     
           Schwab, Grace                SO   Left Hand Cross                     
           Dickman, Julianna            FR   Liberty Bell Running Club           
           Henderson, Mia               SO   Liberty Bell Running Club           
           Payne, Rebecca               SO   Liberty Bell Running Club           
           Bybee, Kenzie                JR   Lone Peak                           
           Conrad, Hannah               JR   Lone Peak                           
           Hilton, Savannah             SR   Lone Peak                           
           Kemp, Hallie                 SO   Lone Peak                           
           Pike, Lizzie                 JR   Lone Peak                           
           Shumway, Julia               JR   Lone Peak                           
           Wilcox, Brylee               SO   Lone Peak                           
           Canez, Delanni               FR   Los Leones                          
           Young, Kaylah                FR   Los Leones                          
           Young, Macy                  JR   Los Leones                          
           Brzostowicz, Ali             SO   Louisville Xc                       
           Difronzo, Paige              FR   Louisville Xc                       
           Forsythe, Brooke             JR   Louisville Xc                       
           Goodrich, Alison             JR   Louisville Xc                       
           Harrington, Ginger           SO   Louisville Xc                       
           Hein, Abby                   SR   Louisville Xc                       
           Hogan, Liz                   SR   Louisville Xc                       
           Johnson, Vivian              FR   Louisville Xc                       
           Kennie, Emily                FR   Louisville Xc                       
           Le, Sophia                   JR   Louisville Xc                       
           Leader, Hailey               SR   Louisville Xc                       
           Lookner, Emma                SO   Louisville Xc                       
           Maes, Ashlyn                 SO   Louisville Xc                       
           Mainland, Julia              SO   Louisville Xc                       
           Moore, Elizabeth             SR   Louisville Xc                       
           Russo, Abby                  SO   Louisville Xc                       
           Smith, Chloe                 FR   Louisville Xc                       
           Sylvester, Tori              FR   Louisville Xc                       
           Wexler, Anna                 SO   Louisville Xc                       
           Cram, Rebekah                SO   Mustang Milers                      
           Micheels, Jordan             JR   Mustang Milers                      
           Bell, Emma                   SR   Neener Xc                           
           Cardoso, Samantha            JR   Neener Xc                           
           Chapa, Julea                 JR   Neener Xc                           
           Compoz, Sydney               SR   Neener Xc                           
           Durkin, Kelly                JR   Neener Xc                           
           Hebner, Bridgit              SO   Neener Xc                           
           Hickey, Cassidy              FR   Neener Xc                           
           Jeffers, Aspen               SO   Neener Xc                           
           Ka  an, Jordyn               JR   Neener Xc                           
           Mcgovern, Madi               JR   Neener Xc                           
           Thompson, Ella               SR   Neener Xc                           
           Williams, Eva                SR   Neener Xc                           
           Writebol, Hannah             FR   Neener Xc                           

Division: Girls Large School Open 2
Reg: 212 Start Time: 9:05am (Black)
            Name                        Age   Representing                 
           Martinez-metzgar, Mya        JR   Pioxc                               
           Barnes, Mikhaela             SR   Pollos Guerreros                    
           Rudolfo, Celeste             JR   Pollos Guerreros                    
           Rudolfo, Isabella            FR   Pollos Guerreros                    
           Teschner, Breanna            JR   Pollos Guerreros                    
           Conley, Abby                 SR   Rcxc                                
           Corrado, Audrey              SO   Rcxc                                
           Loomis, Nicole               SO   Rcxc                                
           Mccaffrey, Lauren            JR   Rcxc                                
           Ogden, Libby                 FR   Rcxc                                
           Roeser, Jordan               SO   Rcxc                                
           Ross, Julia                  SO   Rcxc                                
           Washburn, Brooke             JR   Rcxc                                
           Comes, Ariana                JR   Red Mountain Running Club           
           Ziebell, Janae               SR   Red Mountain Running Club           
           Bliss, Remington             SO   Rincon Uhs                          
           Ecelbarger, Elena            SR   Rincon Uhs                          
           Erickson, Eva                SR   Rincon Uhs                          
           Erickson, Genevive           SO   Rincon Uhs                          
           Garcia, Aubrey               SR   Rincon Uhs                          
           Macias, Isabel               SO   Rincon Uhs                          
           Payne, Camryn                SR   Rincon Uhs                          
           Savel, Clarissa              SO   Rincon Uhs                          
           Schwabe, Kharra              FR   Rincon Uhs                          
           Tax, Talia                   JR   Rincon Uhs                          
           Vigil, Savanna               SO   Rincon Uhs                          
           Anderson, Chloe              FR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Barbier, Megan               JR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Boyd, Erin                   JR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Delaware, Sierra             SR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Johnson, Alyssa              SR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Miller, Shannon              SR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Quesada, Bella               SR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Sotelo, Breana               SR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Tafoya, Faith                SR   Rio Rancho Xc Club                  
           Bartlome, Brynlee            JR   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Gee, Brooklyn                JR   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Howell, Liberty              SO   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Lawson, Makayla              SO   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Lighten, Saylor              JR   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Seegmiller, Madison          SO   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Skinner, Sarah               SR   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Williams, Katelyn            SO   Riverton Xc Club                    
           Frodl, Edythmae              FR   Rocky Mountain Xc Club              
           Kalmbach, Annie              JR   Rocky Mountain Xc Club              
           Mack, Sarah                  SO   Shadadors                           
           Sienicki, Amber              JR   Shadadors                           
           Super, Cara                  FR   Shadadors                           
           Super, Taryn                 SR   Shadadors                           
           Vanpelt, Meagan              SR   Shadadors                           
           Allen, Alissa                SO   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Allen, Carolyn               SR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Bahr, Hannah                 SO   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Brooks, Libby                JR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Harmon, Brynlee              SR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Macdonald, Rachel            SR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Scoville, Madisyn            JR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Stowers, Emily               SR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Wallgren, Emily              JR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Watson, Alexis               SR   Skyridge Xc Club                    
           Mcquillen, Brynna            SO   Spartans                            
           Cravens-gras, Maya           SR   Storm Xc Club                       
           Fernandez, Katherine         SR   Storm Xc Club                       
           Mauermann, Molly             SR   Storm Xc Club                       
           Vasquez, Savanah             SR   Storm Xc Club                       
           Watson, Chelsea              SR   Storm Xc Club                       
           Bostock, Akalia              SO   T-birds Xc                          
           Boulton, Madelyn             JR   T-birds Xc                          
           Hansen, Sadona               SO   T-birds Xc                          
           Jensen, Anne                 SR   T-birds Xc                          
           Rawlings, Caryn              SR   T-birds Xc                          
           Schiess, Ally                SR   T-birds Xc                          
           Stubbs, Shelby               JR   T-birds Xc                          
           Sybrowski, Eliza             JR   T-birds Xc                          
           Taylor, Sadie                SR   T-birds Xc                          
           Vivian, Sydney               FR   T-birds Xc                          
           Wilcox, Elizabeth            JR   T-birds Xc                          
           Boardman, Eve                FR   Thunder                             
           Breen, Bailey                JR   Thunder                             
           Bucci, Julia                 SR   Thunder                             
           Chapa, Sara                  SR   Thunder                             
           Condon, Jessica              SO   Thunder                             
           Cowley, Caroline             SO   Thunder                             
           Donnelly, Kiki               SR   Thunder                             
           Fang, Keilani                SR   Thunder                             
           Garcia, Hannah               FR   Thunder                             
           Guerinot, Naomie             SO   Thunder                             
           Habbal, Dahila               SO   Thunder                             
           Hansen, Holly                JR   Thunder                             
           Hunt, Heather                SR   Thunder                             
           Janas, Emma                  SR   Thunder                             
           Mccutchen, Emma              SR   Thunder                             
           Nedza, Sydni                 JR   Thunder                             
           Nelson, Julia                JR   Thunder                             
           Nielson, Kaylee              JR   Thunder                             
           Prasad, Dani                 JR   Thunder                             
           Rao, Lia                     FR   Thunder                             
           Reginald, Rylee              FR   Thunder                             
           Romero, Jessica              JR   Thunder                             
           Schneider, Megan             SR   Thunder                             
           Sicora, Alex                 JR   Thunder                             
           Sutherland, Zoe              SO   Thunder                             
           Thatcher, Olivia             FR   Thunder                             
           Worthen, Chloe               SR   Thunder                             
           Bakke, Sophie                FR   Thunderstruck                       
           Bubier, Kelsey               FR   Thunderstruck                       
           Edwards, Madilynn            SO   Thunderstruck                       
           Eng, Maggie                  JR   Thunderstruck                       
           Henley, Shae                 SO   Thunderstruck                       
           Holzemer, Hannah             JR   Thunderstruck                       
           Johnson, Kacey               SO   Thunderstruck                       
           Lozano, Morgan               SR   Thunderstruck                       
           Puckett, Kelsey              SO   Thunderstruck                       
           Runyan, Hannah               SO   Thunderstruck                       
           Seng, Allison                JR   Thunderstruck                       
           Skokos, Mckenna              SO   Thunderstruck                       
           Sonius, Kelsey               SO   Thunderstruck                       
           Sonius, Macy                 SR   Thunderstruck                       
           Washabaugh, Katie            SR   Thunderstruck                       
           Weaver, Sterling             SR   Thunderstruck                       
           Wenham, Grace                SR   Thunderstruck                       
           Nelson, Hannah               JR   Titan Clash Colorado                
           Allee, Mckinzey              JR   Totah Xc                            
           Broten, Katherine            JR   Totah Xc                            
           Tso, Tiana                   JR   Totah Xc                            
           Yellowhair, Blossom          SR   Totah Xc                            
           Mason, Deidra                FR   Trojans                             
           Shore, Maia                  SR   Trojans                             
           Watkins, Hope                FR   Trojans                             
           Alexander, Story             FR   Unattached                          
           Badgley, Morgan              SR   Unattached                          
           Bickle, Alyssa               SO   Unattached                          
           Bickle, Taryn                SO   Unattached                          
           Birely, Lauren               SO   Unattached                          
           Cortez, Dafne                JR   Unattached                          
           Froehlich, Laurel            FR   Unattached                          
           Gallo, Bella                 SO   Unattached                          
           Gray, Abigail                JR   Unattached                          
           Greco, Andrea                JR   Unattached                          
           Herrald, Audrey              JR   Unattached                          
           Jones, Abby                  SO   Unattached                          
           Littleman, Kiana             FR   Unattached                          
           Marsoobian, Netawn           JR   Unattached                          
           Middleton, Marena            SO   Unattached                          
           Morgan, Shelby               SO   Unattached                          
           Oakley, Sadie                SR   Unattached                          
           Purkovic, Stefana            JR   Unattached                          
           Sivley, Jillian              SR   Unattached                          
           Slater, Luna                 SR   Unattached                          
           St John, Nina                FR   Unattached                          
           Sterns, Cassandra            SO   Unattached                          
           Burnside, Kamryn             SR   Viewmont Running                    
           Carter, Margi                JR   Viewmont Running                    
           Egnew, Jerilynn              JR   Viewmont Running                    
           Freeman, Samantha            JR   Viewmont Running                    
           Jolley, Maliah               FR   Viewmont Running                    
           Mann, Emily                  JR   Viewmont Running                    
           Smith, Isabelle              JR   Viewmont Running                    
           Smith, Savannah              JR   Viewmont Running                    
           Wadley, Paige                SR   Viewmont Running                    
           Anderson, Makenna            JR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Barich, Jessica              SO   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Burgoyne, Madelynne          FR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Burgoyne, Natalie            FR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Chambers, Julia              JR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Chipman, Allie               SR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Harbert, Theresa             SO   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Hope, Maddie                 FR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Jensen, Abigail              JR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Kemp, Makenna                SR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Mccullough, Mary             SR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Nats, Annemarie              JR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Palmgren, Madeleine          SO   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Simmons, Zoe                 JR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Soares, Morgan               FR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Walton, Olivia               FR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Wickoren, Abby               SR   Vista Nation Xc                     
           Carrillo, Anjelika           FR   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Cheney, Lena                 SO   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Connally, Ellena             SR   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Davison, Abby                FR   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Manymules, Auburn            SR   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Romeo, Selena                JR   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Schmitz, Anna Lena           JR   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Schrader, Isabella           SO   Volcano Vista Distance Pr           
           Baylon, Liz                  SR   West Track Club                     
           Bell, Michelle               SO   West Track Club                     
           Casillas, Valeria            SO   West Track Club                     
           Cropper, Hana                SR   West Track Club                     
           Geesaman, Maria              SR   West Track Club                     
           Gonzalez, Rosalba            SO   West Track Club                     
           Parsons, Brooklyn            SO   West Track Club                     
           Rivera, Ana                  SR   West Track Club                     
           Roth, Kendra                 SO   West Track Club                     
           Salgado, Jaelyn              JR   West Track Club                     
           Starkey, Megan               SO   West Track Club                     
           Cochran, Caroline            SR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Hansen, Anna                 SR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Jensen, Molly                SO   Westlake Thunder                    
           Lee, Macie                   JR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Lundgren, Kaylia             SO   Westlake Thunder                    
           Maxwell, Maddy               JR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Robinson, Aubrie             SR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Sale, Kristina               SR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Scoresby, Alivia             FR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Shock, Sidney                SR   Westlake Thunder                    
           Cozart, Cybelle              SR   Wolfpack Xc                         
           Hindenes, Melanie            SR   Wolfpack Xc                         
           Maxson, Cydney               FR   Wolfpack Xc                         
           Chavez, Raquel               JR   Wolves Running Club                 
           Couey, Courtney              SR   Wolves Running Club                 
           Hughes, Hunter               JR   Wolves Running Club