Bring on the Snow, It's State Championship Time!

A scene from the early stages of last year's high state championships snowshoe race. Photo by Jim Lewis.


Come late Saturday morning, it will all be decided and a new state snowshoe champions will be crowned. An early look at the high school entries shows large teams coming from Smoky Hill and Cheyenne Mountain. Conspicuously absent, but not yet counted out, is the team from Evergreen. Aspen may yet put in an appearance, as will Summit.

Although the race is a 5K, do not expect 5K cross country kind of times. Running on snow goes a little more slowly than slipping on your flats and running on dirt, grass, and sidewalks.

Scoring will be done as a modified version of cross country scoring. The top places for a school from either the male and female categories will be added for a five-person team score.

Here is a list of entries as of Thursday afternoon:

Cheyenne Mountain High School:

Adam Doyle
Ken Everett
Josh Fowler
Ben Fox
Tristan Myers
Michael Trione
Zach Kuzma
Alex Baer
Emily Rychner
Hannah Van Horn
Rafael Darras
Matt Klepfer
Nate Smith
Corbin Hart
Sam Kuzma
Michael Dillon
Tristan Pelto
Ryan Magrane
Killian Donovan
Pat Johnson

Emma Langdon

Pomona High School:

Mariah Henderson

Boulder High School

Samantha Lewis

Smoky Hill High School

Kyle Ames
Cody Miller
Ryan Parker
Ben Andrie
Chloe Andrie
Malika Sengsavath

CU Boulder:

Mitch Kasyon (obviously not a high school entry, but last year's high school boys champion)


Come on up to Summit High School on Saturday morning to catch all of the excitement! Meet coverage on Colorado Track XC will be subscription content. Results will be free content.