Meet Information

Here is

the information for the Centennial League Meet. The schedule is as follows:

2:30 pm -

Coaches meeting at Hobie Hill Picnic Area

3:00 pm -

Boys' Varsity Race (Run 7)

3:10 pm -

Girls' Varsity Race (Run 7)

3:45 pm -

Boys' Junior Varsity Race (Run 7)

3:55 pm -

Girls' Junior Varsity Race (Run 7)

4:30 pm -

Boys' Open (Unlimited)

4:40 pm -

Girls' Open (Unlimited)

5:20 pm (or

when Girls' Open is finished) - Presentation of Awards


will be given to the first and second team individuals in the varsity division.

Top 10 individuals and top 2 teams will be recognized in each division (but no

awards will be given). Traveling trophies will be given to the top team in the

varsity division. 


passes will be available for buses at the entrance to the park, spectators will

have to pay unless they park at the school or Village Greens Park (labeled as

free parking on the course map).  Buses

will be able to park at the Marina, which is close to the start.


are available at the Hobie Hill picnic area as well as near the start