2017 Centennial Invite: Cookin' In The Dutch Oven

Top Performances of the Meet (1): Jeremy Cody, RaeAnn Queener Soar to 6-8, 5-5 in High Jump

If the high jumpers were unduly impacted by the withering heat, it didn't show in the performances of the winners of those events.

The boys high jump whittled its field down to two Pueblo South standouts before temperatures reached their peak of ugliness. And, that's probably a good thing in that Pueblo South wears black, and rather a lot of it. Marcel Barbee finally bowed out after clearing 6-4, but teammate Jeremy Cody kept going. Cody cleared 6-6, then 6-8, before setting the bar at 6-10.5. 6-10.5, however, wasn't happening on this day, though 6-8 is still a very nice mark this early in the season and the top high jump mark of the season to date. 

For added good measure, South's Noah Huber logged a third place in the high jump at 5-10, making it a Colt sweep of the event podium. Pueblo South will be heard from in the high jump come May.

The last of RaeAnn Queener's competition withered away in the afternoon sun at five feet. Megan Wesley, Olivia Garrison, Emily Hanenberg, and Katelyn McMoore all met their Waterloo at 5-0. They promptly went and found some water.

RaeAnn Queener, however, had a few bars still left in her. Queener eased over 5-2, and then 5-4. The next stop was a school-record-setting 5-4.25. 

The odd quarter of an inch that would have entirely messed up the feng shui of Coach Daggett's record board, however, was eliminated when Queener went on to clear 5-5.