A Flurry Of League Meets: #6, Jeffco 4A/5A

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Championship Meet - 8 Teams

1Claire Pauley12Arvada West High School18:29.001
2Katie Doucette12Arvada West High School18:42.002
3Amber Valdez12Arvada West High School18:45.003
4Michelle Renner12Dakota Ridge High School18:56.214
5Elizabeth Schweiker10Ralston Valley High School19:03.005
6Carley Bennett11Lakewood High School19:27.106
7Skylar Lodice12Dakota Ridge High School19:30.177
8Lucy Pidek11Dakota Ridge High School19:41.978
9Sydney Williams11Chatfield High School19:42.209
10Hannah Mae Gigstad12Ralston Valley High School19:48.0010
11Elizabeth Cothran9Chatfield High School19:55.6011
12Civianna Gallegos12Arvada West High School19:57.0012
13Nicole Matuszynski10Chatfield High School19:59.6013
14Nicole Killeen11Columbine High School20:06.0014
15Lillian Glist12Chatfield High School20:08.2015
16Lucy Schroeder12Arvada West High School20:13.0016
17Cassandra Sterns10Ralston Valley High School20:15.0017
18Rachel Meeks9Ralston Valley High School20:21.0018
19Sophia Sanchez11Chatfield High School20:25.4019
20Lillian Baxter12Dakota Ridge High School20:34.6020
21Emily Burg10Arvada West High School20:36.0021
22Miranda Manfre11Bear Creek High School20:36.0022
23Sadie Haymond11Arvada West High School20:41.0023
24Riley Besse10Columbine High School20:47.0024
25Mackenzie Mesec10Columbine High School20:47.0025
26Carly Zimmerman11Lakewood High School20:58.0026
27Jessica Woodhead12Lakewood High School21:00.0027
28Caitlin Danborn11Arvada West High School21:14.00--
29Maya Fairchild11Arvada West High School21:15.00--
30Haylee Vannoy11Arvada West High School21:20.00--
31Ainsley Hecox11Dakota Ridge High School21:21.2928
32Olivia Fink12Dakota Ridge High School21:30.0029
33Ciara O'Neill10Lakewood High School21:36.0030
34Julia Bendorf12Dakota Ridge High School21:38.0031
35Devin Smith11Arvada West High School21:43.00--
36Samantha Schmidt10Dakota Ridge High School21:47.00--
37Hannah Kurtz9Dakota Ridge High School21:55.85--
38Jenna Cookson11Bear Creek High School21:56.0032
39Olivia Bawden10Columbine High School22:08.0033
40Zoe Plechaty11Dakota Ridge High School22:12.00--
41Tatiana Hamilton11Columbine High School22:14.0034
42Jordyn Pollock11Lakewood High School22:26.0035
43Abby Vagher11Dakota Ridge High School22:26.08--
44Kylee Sellers9Dakota Ridge High School22:26.98--
45Sydney Oryschyn11Dakota Ridge High School22:27.00--
46Morgan Linger10Chatfield High School22:29.1036
47Elizabeth Rohwer11Lakewood High School22:30.0037
48Teagan Kelly10Chatfield High School22:30.7038
49Rhyse Kuechenmeister10Ralston Valley High School22:33.0039
50Nicole Bergman10Chatfield High School22:33.60--
51Emma Maxwell11Columbine High School22:37.0040
52Carrie Bishop12Ralston Valley High School22:44.0041
53Kaela Guerra11Ralston Valley High School22:46.0042
54Sara Brainard9Columbine High School22:46.0043
55Mayu Bickner10Lakewood High School22:47.0044
56Fiona Anderson10Ralston Valley High School22:50.00--
57Sarah Muller10Lakewood High School22:51.00--
58Eve Allen9Columbine High School22:51.00--
59Raegan Waybright10Chatfield High School22:53.70--
60Tabitha Balow10Ralston Valley High School22:59.00--
61Quincey Baum10Columbine High School23:05.00--
62Maggie Anderson9Dakota Ridge High School23:08.00--
63Chloe Meehan9Dakota Ridge High School23:08.00--
64Anna Benson12Bear Creek High School23:10.0045
65Lily Finnegan10Columbine High School23:14.00--
66Brittany Blish12Arvada West High School23:19.00--
67Neve Schneider9Columbine High School23:20.00--
68Caitlin O'Neill12Lakewood High School23:21.00--
69Charlotte Blish10Arvada West High School23:24.00--
70Kathryn Sheridan12Lakewood High School23:24.10--
71Ella Simon10Chatfield High School23:28.00--
72Annabeth Johnson10Chatfield High School23:31.80--
73Nicole Lewis12Chatfield High School23:32.20--
74Sydney Hoffman11Dakota Ridge High School23:32.54--
75Simone Schweich10Bear Creek High School23:33.0046
76Alyssa Younkerman10Ralston Valley High School23:34.00--
77Christine Mansfield11Pomona High School23:35.0047
78Claire St. Bernard9Bear Creek High School23:36.0048
79Jessica Bennett10Ralston Valley High School23:40.00--
80Hannah Mosher12Lakewood High School23:42.00--
81Sarah Giffin10Ralston Valley High School23:43.00--
82Haliey Antill9Pomona High School23:47.0049
83Sydney Pollock9Lakewood High School24:01.00--
84Hannah Immel11Ralston Valley High School24:02.00--
85Dana Lunsford11Dakota Ridge High School24:03.00--
86Hanna Fricke11Chatfield High School24:05.20--
87Lauren Delfino11Chatfield High School24:06.40--
88Allyssa Mansfield11Pomona High School24:07.0050
89Shealin Crider10Chatfield High School24:08.90--
90Taryn Elsner11Columbine High School24:09.00--
91Tori Amsberry9Columbine High School24:12.00--
92Emma Longbrake10Chatfield High School24:14.70--
93Lauren Laing9Columbine High School24:17.00--
94Savanna Bly11Ralston Valley High School24:18.00--
95Paloma Rocha12Lakewood High School24:19.00--
96Jessica Valdez12Arvada West High School24:23.00--
97Rachel Brown11Arvada West High School24:23.00--
98Ann Whiple9Dakota Ridge High School24:25.00--
99Ashley Basset10Pomona High School24:30.0051
100Kate Suder11Chatfield High School24:33.00--

Championship Meet - 8 Teams Team Scores

1Arvada West High School341231216--
2Dakota Ridge High School674782028--
3Chatfield High School67911131519--
4Ralston Valley High School89510171839--
5Lakewood High School124626273035--
6Columbine High School1301424253334--
7Bear Creek High School1932232454648--
8Pomona High School2494749505152--

Arvada West's girls are in a very strong position headed into this one. Arvada West has run a couple of fast courses, but no Liberty Bell, no Joe Vigil, and no Desert Twilight. So, the rankings you see for the Arvada West girls above should prove fairly resilient. Bottom line: It's a big story if Arvada West doesn't win this one.

The virtual meet has Chatfield and Dakota Ridge in a tie for second. I'm giving the edge to Chatfield here, owing to Dakota Ridge's Joe Vigil times. Dakota Ridge could certainly catch Chatfield on Thursday, but the advantage probably belongs to Chatfield.

Ralston Valley is more of a reach for second place, but not entirely out of the question.

Individually, Michelle Renner is the best bet to break up the Arvada West stranglehold on the top three places. But, Renner doesn't seem likely to beat all three.

Your individual favorite should be Claire Pauley. She's led the A West pack all season and is having the season of her high school career (hopefully, lots of colleges are noticing). Katie Doucette and Amber Valdez have given A West a lot of added punch up front, but if Renner is aiming to pick anyone off, Doucette and Valdez are likely more vulnerable than Pauley.

If the Wildcats go 1-2-3, this one could be over in a hurry.

Here's a link to Michelle Renner vs. Claire Pauley match-up history to get you started with athlete comparisons:

Renner vs. Pauley

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