Take Two Tuesday: A Second Glance At The Weekend

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Carter Dillon: The Fastest Second-Place Finisher
When I wrote this line in the Mullen meet recap, I wasn't joking. Carter Dillon's 4:12.91 is the fastest second-place result in the All-Time List. The next-best second-placer comes in No. 11 at 4:14 from the 2009 state championship meet that saw three go 4:15 or faster. The way this season is shaping up, 2018 could be one for the record books.
Speaking of record books... What is the state record in the 1,600?
It belongs to Cerake Geberkidane, and it's 4:11.46, and 'm pretty sure guys like Cole SproutJames LeeCruz Culpepper, and Dillon already know this. 

Eyes On A State Record: Take Your Pick
Sprout's 4:12.75, and Dillon's 4:12.91 bring this record back into the realm of actual conversation. Can they take another second-and-a-half off their PRs?
Surely, it'll take the right race, the right pace, and some great competition, all of which currently exist in Colorado, right now. Because there's Culepper and Lee, who have both run 4:11 or faster.
Lee's 4:10 is technically the fastest for the distance, and Culpepper has gone 4:11.54, their PRs do come at sea-level. I can't imagine either of them unwilling to jump on a hot pace, however. 
Could it happen at state? Well, that's definitely going to be another article. But it seems likely: Sprout, Culpepper, and Lee are all 4A, and Dillon's got Michael Mooney and his 8:50 3,200 strength to ponder over in 5A.
On a tangent, Colorado is in store for some insane match-ups over the next three years with Sprout and Culpepper...
Oh, and FYI, with an altitude conversion, Sprout and Dillon would be hovering right around 4:06, which would be the No. 1 and No. 2 times in the country.