Trend Lines In XC

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    I think we can dismiss the idea that we've reached a tipping point with girls training where a few skyrocket but many more fall off the edge. The fact that a few of mostly the same teams each year have 8-10 girls who run under 20 suggests that many more could if the right factors were there. If girls are getting discouraged I think it's more likely because of top teams that seem uncatchable than top individuals.
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    @racedog 100% agree. Anyone who believes girls have reached some sort of physical threshold didn't watch State track this year. The "factors" you mention are coaching yes, but perhaps more important is culture. Watch the top XC programs and the level of buy-in you see from those kids is off the charts.
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    @kteck agree 100% on team buy in XC and "creating the culture" so important. Team buy in + culture leads to:
    1. Athlete starts to DREAM of what is possible.
    2. Athlete buys in and BELIEVES in the dream
    3. Athlete sets goals and works towards ACHIEVING the dream.
  • Rich Davis
    Prior to 2013, no girl in 5A had ever missed out on State if they ran sub 11:30 in the 3200M. That changed in 2013 when a few did, and Layne Hammer of Greeley West had the unfortunate distinction of being the fastest girl in Colorado history to miss State with her 11:24.

    Flash forward to 2017 and Miss Hammer has handed that distinction off to Isalina Colsman of Regis Jesuit. Her time of 11:19 is now the fastest time to not make State.

    This year in 5A, 29 girls ran sub 11:30. By far the most ever. I'm not so sure we've reached our tipping point just yet.