Banana Belt Classic 2012

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2012-03-17 at CSU-Pueblo Thunderbowl in Pueblo, CO
  • Alan Versaw
    Site Admin

    I can't speak for Coach Mondragon, but I'm pretty sure that each school's 3200 entries will be split between the two 3200s. So, there would be a total of three entries per team, not six.

    The idea, and we had a long discussion about this on a thread after the season, is to reduce some of the lapping that goes on in the 3200 where top runners often spend a lot of effort late in the race working through traffic.

    A brief summary of the options...
    1. Leave things the way they are and let the top runners deal with it
    2. Ask lapped runners to move out to lane two (difficult to enforce and helps runners after the lead runner, but not the lead runner
    3. Set a massive stagger and have two sets of runners going around the track at the same time--one in lanes 4 or 5 through 8 and the other, after an initial waterfall start in lanes 1 through 3 or 4
    4. Remove lapped runners from race (was sometimes done this way in former years, but tends to discourage slower runners from developing and still helps those pursuing the lead runner, but not the actual lead runner

    I don't remember any other options coming under discussion.
  • Coach
    @CoachVersaw Each team is still only allowed three entries. We have to run two sections due to the large field. I don't like putting 60 3200 runners on the track at one time. It is not only a disadvantage to the faster runners lapping runners but a meet management head ache trying to keep track of all the runners so everyone can get a time.