1A Friday Snapsot

Photo coming soon to this space.

We got our first real glimpse today of just how strong of a team Heritage Chrsitian Academy is going to be on Saturday. Although 1A finals today were very llimited, HCA posted a convincing win in the 4x200 and were beaten only by Bethune in the 4x800. Additional points were tallied by the Eagles by Ryan Hurley in the 800 (third) and Jake Huebner in the discus (sixth). A quick glance at the Saturday heat sheets indicates there's much more to be heard from HCA tomorrow.

Currently, Bethune holds the 1A boys lead with 39, followed closely by Elbert with 37, then HCA with 31 and Otis with 30. Otis has the fewest available points to post on Saturday, so they are probably the darkest of horses in the this team title hunt. And, it will be a tall order for either Bethune or Elbert to stay ahead of Heritage Christain.

For the girls, it was a quiet day for both Shining Mountain and Vail Christian relative to Thursday. 

SMW did pick up a win by Ginger Hutton in the 800, plus a fourth in the 4x200 and a ninth in the SMR. Vail Christian tallied only a third in the 4x200.

And the quiet day by the two Thursday powers allowed Dove Creek to close the gap a little with seventh from Madison McCourt in the 800, a sixth in the 4x200, and fifth in the SMR8, and another second from Madison Young in the shot put. That puts the Bulldogs within striking distance for Saturday.

There figure to be more points coming from Ginger Hutton and Taylor Alexander on Saturday, so Dove Creek will need a big day from their committee of point producers. That scenario seems to be within the realm of possibility, so we'll treat this one as a wide open race.