3A Region 3 Preview

Lindsey Chavez runs the last regional race of a very nice high school career on Friday. Colorado Track XC file photo.

If you left last week's 3A Metro League meet feeling a little slighted, it may have been because most of those teams had this meet in view. And, judging by the virtual meet scoring, it could prove to be worth the extra week of wait.

3A Region 3 Boys Virtual Meet Scoring

3A Region 3 Girls Virtual Meet Scoring

The girls race features the defending state champion Holy Family Tigers against a nicely improved Peak to Peak squad. Figure that Holy Family is the favorite here, but not by much. Be sure to see how things develop at the #4 scoring positions for both teams before you return to your car. Kent Denver is another nicely positioned team, but seems to be coming into this one running just a step or two behind HF and P2P.

It's a very similar scenario (less the defending state champion business) in the boys event. Simply flip the roles of Peak to Peak (they would be the boys favorite) and Holy Family. And, replace Kent Denver with Faith Christian as the annoying mosquito that threatens to undo the settled order of things if they run to full potential on Friday. 

Both races should see a spirited battle at team positions four and five, and--among the boys--that spirited battle should extend to the dreaded position six that stays home next weekend.

Individually, Erich Hixson and Luke Yeager should make for an excellent contest, but both are going to have to figure out what to do with Machebeuf's Ben Espinola. Jacob Benson doesn't figure all that high in the rankings at the moment, but there have been a few people in the past who've learned not to underestimate Benson when it's a big race on the line.

For the girls, both Chavez sisters and Dallas Frisbie figure to be giving chase to Tabor Scholl. Scholl's season, however, has seen some peaks and valleys and it remains to be seen how her race goes on Friday. On a good day, one would think Scholl runs away with this thing.