Jackson Spalding: crossing I-25

For Jackson Spalding, the college experience won't involve traveling far from home. Colorado Track XC file photo.


Jackson Spalding's best marks:

Shot put - 56-8.75

Discus - 177-2


Did you try for all of the service academies or just the Air Force Academy?
There was a little interest from the Naval Academy in getting me to throw in Annapolis, but it didn't really end up panning out. So I ended up just applying to the Air Force Academy.
I'm guessing you had to get a medical clearance from the Academy on your football injury and that it probably involved some waiting. Do you feel everything is good to go on your knee now?
I feel like my knee is actually better than before! I partially tore my ACL sophomore year during football, and it hasn't been the same since. But this surgery has really helped it heal, and I feel like coming back this year isn't too much of an issue.
Is football in your Academy plans or just throws?
No idea to be honest. At this point its just throws, but if the opportunity presents itself, I'm not entirely sure what my answer would be.
What's your intended field of study at the Academy?
Aeronautical engineering or Astronautical engineering are the two majors i'm looking at pursuing.
Pick a favorite moment in your high school career for us...
My favorite high school moment is throwing 70-8 my first jv meet freshman year in discus. I ended up taking 4th at that JV meet at Sierra. From that moment on, I've been hooked on getting better and better at throwing. 
Do you feel any of the pressure of being squarely in the middle of maybe the best 4A throws year ever, or is all that extra competition just bonus?
I'm nothing but excited for state this year! I'm excited that a lot of my friends in 4A are performing so well this year. I'm looking forward to the state meet in both events and think that this could be the year when one of us could break the state record in shot or discus!
As Jackson alluded to, the throws talent pool in the Colorado Springs/Pueblo area this spring is very, very deep. If you're at a meet in the area, make your way out to the throwing venues and enjoy the show.