Colorado Track XC 1A boys all-state selections

<h3 style="text-align: center;"> Colorado Track XC All-State Track and Field teams 2014</h3>

The long arm of Lance Munoz was the long arm of the law in the 1A boys high jump for 2014. Photo by Paul Jaeger.

Colorado Track XC 1A Boys All-State Selections

Jonah Baca, Junior, Shining Mountain - Pole Vault

Nick Boyne, Sophomore, Vail Christian - Pole Vault

Caleb Brown, Senior, Elbert - Throws

Cole Caynoski, Senior, Vail Christian - Sprints

J. D. Chenoweth, Junior, Walsh - Hurdles/Sprints

Isaiah D'Amico, Senior, Heritage Christian Academy - Jumps/Hurdles

Ryan Dollerschell, Senior, Prairie - Distance

Luke Duggan, Sophomore, Pawnee - Distance

Kyle English, Junior, Stratton - Jumps/Sprints

Erick Enriquez-Acosta, Freshman, Idalia - Middle Distance/Relays

Bryce Grahn, Freshman, South Baca - Distance

Michael Kaiser, Senior, Prairie - Jumps

Gabe Longworth, Junior, McClave - Sprints

Avery Marzolf, Senior, Hi-Plains - Throws

Lance Munoz, Senior, Creede - Jumps

Koy Palmer, Junior, Granada - Hurdles/Jumps

Ethan Pence, Sophomore, Vail Christian - Distance

Clay Russell, Senior, North Park - Sprints/Middle Distance

Zeth Schoenfeld, Senior, Otis - Throws

Alex Vandenbark, Freshman, Fleming - Jumps


Selections for all classifications and both genders are made by vote of a panel of coaches. Cover photo selection is strongly tilted toward an all-state selection who has not had a cover photo at any point in the 2014 outdoor season.