Longhorns get Chyna Ries

Chyna Ries had another outstanding state meet in May and stares down a huge opportunity USA Junior Outdoors this weekend. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


Chyna Ries' best marks*

60 meters - 7.46

100 meters - 11.65

200 meters - 23.89

Long jump - 20-8.5


Congratulations on signing with the University of Texas! Tell us a little about the road that ended up there for you...
Initially I verbally committed to USC but was unable to get in. Texas was one of my favorites as well but I had some additional work I needed to do to get in there. This was a long process and I want to reinforce to others to take your academics serious day one. It worked out for me but I had to work very hard to get here.
What do you plan to study at the University of Texas?
I plan on studying Broadcast Journalism.
Is the plan for you to focus more or less exclusively on the long jump at the University of Texas, or will you still be sprinting as well?
One of the things that made me choose University of Texas was that they believe in me in both the sprints and jumps. Kareem Street Thompson will be my coach for both events and I think he is a great mentor and coach for both sprinting and jumping.  Right now my jumps are stronger and I have the opportunity to have an impact on a very good team immediately jumping and but can develop my sprinting as well within the group of athletes currently there.
There have been a bunch of great moments in your high school career, but if you had to pick a favorite moment, what would that be?
Setting the sophomore class national record indoor LJ and making the World Youth team that went to Ukraine. I met a lot of people on that trip and got to have a great experience on a world stage.
Do you have any particular goals in mind for this weekend's Junior Outdoor Nationals?
My goal is to make the [World Juniors] team.
Is it easier to long jump when you don't have any sprint or relay events to think about, or does having the other events to think about help take some of the pressure off of long jumping?
It is easier to have other events to do before I jump, it loosens me up and this year I have focused on executing my jumps and the things we work on in practice instead of trying to force them which has helped me a lot.
* - wind legal