Devynn Miller: donning Wildcat blue

<h3 style="text-align: center;"> Celebrating Colorado&#39;s college-bound track and cross country athletes:</h3>

Devynn Miller has been a mainstay of the Fort Collins teams for four years now. Next year, it's Kentucky. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Devynn Miller's personal best marks:

800 meters - 2:15.64

1600 meters - 5:12.64

3200 meters - 10:53.96

5K cross country - 17:56.1


Tell us a little about the decision for the University of Kentucky--how was it you started looking at the school, what ultimately led you to make the decision in their favor, that sort of thing.
I first got in contact with UK by a recruiting letter that was sent to me, I then filled out the recruiting questionnaire and got in contact with Coach DeVries. We stayed in contact through my junior year and into the fall. He asked me to come out on an official visit. On my visit, I really liked how the program was very individually structured for the runner to help them get the most success. I also liked how the academics were a main priority to the University and team. Its also a plus that they have great facilities and an amazing coaching staff! All in all, I just felt like I fit in with the team. 
What do you plan to study at UK?
After taking Suppes’ AP Statistics class, I decided to follow in his footsteps and become a statistician. 
You've been part of a magical Fort Collins team that seems to keep finding its way back to NXN, even when most people have mostly written off your chances. What's special about your team that they can so consistently find big races when it matters most?
I think the biggest asset is that we are such a tight team. We always run together, and when we are on the line when the guns about to go off, we know that we have each others back out on the course. Like people say, there is no I in team. Our team motto has been, run the first 2 miles with your head, and the last 1.1 with your heart. 
Shall we assume that Fort Collins is headed back to NXR-SW this fall with sights set on NXN?
Isn’t every team going down to Southwest with their sights set on NXN? Our main goal is to cross the finish line with our tanks on empty. 
Pick a favorite experience for us from your entire high school career.
I guess I just think about all the amazing memories I have with my teammates outside of races. One memory that sticks out is when Erin Hooker and I ran for 45 minutes in the airport, weaving around crowds, just to get our run done before we left for Arcadia my sophomore year. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They aren’t just my team, but my best friends
You've run under two of the best coaches in the state in Chris Suppes and Mike Callor. What are some important things you've learned from the experience?
Suppes has taught me how to train and run because I never really did that before I came to high school. I was a competitive soccer player, I had never run over two miles at once in my life. He taught me that training and hard work is what gets you places in the running world, and not only that but in life. He has always told me to dream and with hard work you can achieve that. Plus he gives the best pep talks. 
Callor is a funny guy. He has taught me to have fun with the sport and not overthink things. He’s really helped me learn to get on the line with a smile on my face, and not to stress over the little things. If it’s meant to happen, things will fall into place. He has helped me stay positive through my rough start to the season and on into the championship season.
I am so lucky to have both of these coaches, each which have taught me such valuable lessons that I will take on in both my running career and throughout life. 
Once cross country is done for the fall, what dreams do you have for the outdoor track season?
Stay healthy!!