Do You Have Gunnison Plans for This Winter?

You've heard about the new indoor facility at Western State. This is your chance to try it out for yourself!

The Western State High School Indoor Open is slated to go live on Saturday morning, January 31. Below is all the information you could possibly want to know about the meet:

Mountaineer Fieldhouse

  • Completed in Spring of 2014
  • The Mountaineer Fieldhouse is located at 7717ft, it is the highest collegiate indoor track in the world. The facility features six 42" lanes on the oval with nine 42" lanes on the straightaway.
  • The Long Jump/Triple Jump runway and Pole Vault runway are located outside the oval.
  • Pole Vault Runway is 45m (148') but can accommodate longer approaches if necessary
  • The Long Jump board is located at 3m (9'10) and the runway extends to 45m (148') and can also accommodate approaches up to 50m
  • The Triple Jump boards are located at 10m (32'9.75") and 12m (39'4.5") and the runway extends to 39m (128') and can accommodate approaches up to 44m on the 12m board.
  • A taped board will be placed for the girls Triple Jump at 8m (26'3")
  • Competitors will be required to use the permanent Long Jump board and boys will be able to choose the 10m or 12m boards, while the girls will be able to choose the 8m or 10m boards.
  • Throwing area is located on the north D zone and features a concrete circle and built in throwing cage with full doors.
  • The High Jump are is located in the south D zone and will utilize roll out runways to accommodate approaches from approximately 25m (82')


  • All entries will be done online through Direct Athletics
  • Entries close at 11:59 AM Wednesday January 28th. Late entries will not be accepted.

Entry Fees

  • $10 per athlete per entry.
  • Team entries will be capped at $250 per gender.
  • All teams and athletes must pay when registering on Direct Athletics.

Packet Pick-Up

  • Heat Sheets be available on (Note: I will request permission to post those on Colorado Track XC as well)
  • Packet pick up will be available in the Mountaineer Fieldhouse lobby (NE corner) starting at 8 AM.


  • Spectators will be charged $5 for adults and $2 for students at the NE Entrance to the Mountaineer Fieldhouse

Advancement to Finals

  • The 60m dash and 60m hurdles events will have qualifying rounds. Since seeding is difficult this early in the indoor season, the fastest times will qualify for the finals, without respect to place. [Please instruct your athletes that winning a qualifying heat does not ensure qualifying for the final].
  • All other track events will be run in sections. Events run in sections will be seeded by submitted times, with the fastest competitors seeded into latter sections.
  • In the horizontal jumps and throws, the 8 competitors with the longest efforts will advance to the finals


  • National High School Federation rules will be enforced.
  • Fully automatic timing will be used for all races.
  • We will run 39" hurdles for the boys and 33" hurdles for the girls.

Spike Requirements

  • Only ¼" pyramid spikes for all events.
  • No Christmas tree or needle spikes are allowed.
  • No permanent spiked shoes are allowed unless they are equipped with ¼" or smaller pyramid spikes.

Event Check In

  • Track events should check in with the clerk of the course on the NW corner of the track behind the 60 start line, 10 minutes before the event starts
  • Field events should check in with their event judge at least 30 min before their event begins.

Implement Weigh-In

  • Implement weigh-in will occur at the garage area in the northwest corner of the Mountaineer Fieldhouse starting at 8:30 AM
  • Only indoor implements can be used.
  • The boys will throw the 12 lb shot and the girls will throw the 4k.
  • A small number of indoor implements will be available for the field to use.

Infield Surface

  • Use of spikes is strictly prohibited on the light grey infield surface
  • Runways and mats will be provided for the HJ area, competitors are required to stay on runways provided


  • The Mountaineer Fieldhouse will not be available for practice on Friday due to Western State's home triangular meet.
  • Admission to the collegiate meet on Friday will be free.


  • Bleachers are available on the east wall of the Mountaineer Fieldhouse.
  • Spectators will enter through the NE entrance to the Mountaineer Fieldhouse
  • Teams are required to use the bleachers for spectating
  • Only competing athletes are allowed in the competition area

Team Camps

  • Team camps will be in the “Lower" gym, north of the Mountaineer Fieldhouse in that attached Paul Wright Gymnasium building.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in the Mountaineer Fieldhouse please keep that in your team camp. Only Water is allowed in the Fieldhouse.

Team Parking and Entry to Mountaineer Fieldhouse

  • Teams will park in the Paul Wright Gym Lot to the North of Mountaineer Fieldhouse.
  • Teams will enter through the North entrance of Paul Wright Gym and then through the Northeast entrance to the Mountaineer Fieldhouse.
  • There is Bus Parking available on the West side of Paul Wright Gym.


  • All competitors will receive a “Western State High School Open" T-Shirt
  • Western State Track and Field merchandise will be available in the NE Lobby of the Mountaineer Fieldhouse


  • Finish Lynx Automatic timing will be used
  • Results will be posted on the video display board in the SW corner of the track. Paper results will be pinned to the board in the NE lobby of the track.

Restrooms/ Locker Rooms

  • Spectator Restrooms are located in the Paul Wright Gym Lobby
  • Participating Athletes will be allowed to use the restroom on the north side of the track.
  • Locker Rooms for visiting teams will be available upon request.

Starting Heights and Progressions

  • Boys High Jump will start at 1.65m/ 5'5" and bar will raise in 2" increments
  • Girls High Jump will start at 1.30m/ 4'3" and bar will raise in 2" increments
  • Boys Pole Vault will start at 3.05m/ 10'0" and bar will raise in 6" increments
  • Girls Pole Vault will start at 2.44m/ 8'0" and bar will raise in 6" increments

Western State High School Open Time Schedule

Saturday, January 31, 2015

9 AM Boys Long Jump

9:30 Girls Pole Vault

9:30 Boys High Jump

10:00 Girls Shot Put

11:00 Girls Long Jump

12:00 Boys Pole Vault

12:00 Girls High Jump

1:00 Boys Triple Jump

1:00 Boys Shot Put

2:30 Girls Triple Jump

10:30 Girls 60m Hurdles (33") Prelim

10:45 Boys 60m Hurdles (39") Prelim

11:05 Girls 60m Prelim

11:25 Boys 60m Prelim

11:50 Girls Mile Steeple Exhibition

12:00 Boys Mile Steeple Exhibition

12:10 Girls Mile

12:25 Boys Mile

12:45 Girls 60m Hurdles (33") Final

12:55 Boys 60m Hurdles (39") Final

1:05 Girls 400m

1:30 Boys 400m

1:45 Girls 60m Final

1:50 Boys 60m Final

2:00 Girls 800m

2:15 Boys 800m

2:30 Girls 200m

2:45 Boys 200m

3:10 Girls 3200m

3:30 Boys 3200m

3:50 Girls 4x400m

4:05 Boys 4x400m

** Schedule may be adjusted based on final entries**

The mile steeple exhibition will be an eight-lap event on the track with a steeple barrier placed on both the front and back straights.