5A Top Marks of the Week, March 16 - 21

Christina Stathakis has opened the season with an impressive set of pole vault performances, including the 5A-best vault for last week. Photo by Ann Mueller.

Gateway's Mike Ware took over the top of this week's 200 meter chart. Photo by Levi Stone.

The big marks for 5A this past week came in a torrent--mostly from the Sabercat Invitational and the Runners Roost of Fort Collins, but with a steady stream from a handful of other meets as well.

In a lot of respects, the best marks of the week look a lot like mid-season marks, especially after you allow for the fact that a very large number of athletes were not in action due to spring break.

And, perhaps Castle View had a little extra motivation for their home meet, but you can scarcely miss the Sabercats' presence in the girls field event rankings. If you are aiming at a 5A state title, Castle View needs to be on your list of concern.

5A Boys Top Performances of the Week

5A Girls Top Performances of the Week