Saucony/Flo 50 Southwest Rankings: October 6

Joshua Romine has been a big part of the story at Mountain Vista this fall. Photo by Alan Versaw.

With some very big meets taking place over the last two weeks, we got a much clearer picture about how some teams shake out against other regionally ranked teams. As a consequence, there are some adjustments seen in the rankings of top teams.

And, what a nice circumstance it is that we are this deep into the season and there is very little consensus about the identity of the top boys and girls teams in the region. If you like Davis, you can make your case. If you like Desert Vista, you can make your case. If you like American Fork, you can make your case. If you like Mountain Vista, you can make your case. And so on it goes...

All that should make the regional championship races in November that much more interesting!

Southwest Region Boys Rankings

Southwest Region Girls Rankings

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