NXN 4 and 5 Timers

Katie Rainsberger could join a very exclusive club with a top-20 finish at Nike Cross Nationals on Saturday. Photo by Alan Versaw.

As the 12th Nike Cross Nationals (formerly Nike Team Nationals) event closes in on us, it's time to recognize a relatively short list of outstanding athletes--those who have competed at NTN/NXN either four or five times.

This feat was first accomplished in 2007 by Kristin Sternhagen of Yankton, South Dakota. The list would remain at one until 2009 when nine more were added to the list in a single year, including the first two males--Pat Zacharias and Kyle Pittman, both of New Mexico. 

Since 2009, every year has seen additions to the list of four timers. Courtney Chapman became a five timer in 2010, as did Keelin Hollowed in 2012.

The believed-to-be complete list of four and five timers to date follows:


Reagan Anderson, 2009-2012, Wilmington
Annika Avery, 2011-2014, Manlius
Brianne Bellon, 2005, 2007-2009, Streaks/Kinetic
Lauren Blackwell, 2007-2010, Wilmington
Amanda Borroughs, 2007-2010, Kinetic
Mackenzie Carter, 2006-2009, Manlius
Shelby Chapin, 2010-2012, Carroll
Courtney Chapman, 2006-2010, Manlius (5)
Jillian Fanning, 2009-2012, Manlius
Karis Frankian, 2008-2011, Newhall/Santa Clarita
Gina Genco, 2010-2013, Carmel
Cassandra Goutos, 2005, 2007-2009, Streaks/Kinetic
Haley Harris, 2011-2014, Carmel
Kelsey Harris, 2011-2014, Carmel
Keelin Hollowood, 2008-2012, Kinetic (5)
Erin Hooker, 2009-2012, Fort Collins
Sydney King, 2007-2010, Kinetic
Katie Knight, 2009-2012, NW Indiv
Courtney Krieghauser, 2009-2012, Carroll
Kaylin Mahoney, 2007-2010, Newhall/Santa Clarita
Molly Malone, 2006-2009, Manlius
Madi McLellan, 2010-2013, The Woodlands
Amber Murakami, 2006-2009, Newhall/Santa Clarita
Amy-Eloise Neale, 2009-2012, NW/Snohomish
Audrey Oweimrin, 2010-2013, Fort Collins
Molly Parsons, 2006-2009, Wilmington
Haley Pierce, 2008-2011, Wilmington
Payton Schutte, 2007-2010, Portland
Kristin Sternhagen, 2004-2007, 3-D/Yankton
Kelcy Welch, 2010-2013, Carmel

Tanner Anderson, 2011-2014, North Central
Elias Gedyon, 2007-2010, Los Angeles
Zac Jacklin, 2011-2014, American Fork
Bryce Millar, 2011-2014, Manlius
Kyle Pittman, 2006-2009, Los Alamos/SW
Joshua Thorson, 2008-2011, Wayzata/Heartland
Kai (Taylor) Wilmot, 2010-2013, North Spokane
Pat Zacharias, 2006-2009, Albuquerque XC
This year should see a few more additions to the list. If athletes participate Saturday as expected, the following individuals will be added to the list of four timers this year:

Judy Pendergast, Naperville North
Katie Rainsberger, Southwest
Olivia Sargent, Pennsbury/NE
Aidan Tooker, Kinetic/Saratoga
Ben Veatch, Carmel

The potential addition of Katie Rainsberger is of particular interest in that if she snares a top-20 finish on Saturday (which seems likely enough), she will join Amy-Eloise Neale and Katie Knight as the only two other individuals to hold four top-20 finishes at Nike Cross Nationals. Kaylin Mahoney was a very near miss with that club.