12 Days of Track and Field Trivia: Day Twelve

The SMR8 wasn't the last event added to the Colorado list of events, but it was the next-to-last. Photo by Alan Versaw.

As January 6 is the 12th Day of Christmas (which would further imply that December 25 is not one of the days of Christmas, but I digress), this will be our final track and field trivia question. There will, however, be an answer posted to this question tomorrow to complete the series.

Day Eleven Question:

Which team has scored the most combined (boys and girls) state meet points in the hurdle events over the span of 2011 through 2015? As usual, you can expect an expanded list as the answer to this question tomorrow, and not simply a reporting of the top team. In the meanwhile, compile your own list and see how many of the top five teams you can identify...

And now, if you scroll down, you can see the answer to the Day Eleven question. But, so that nobody sees the answer inadvertently, you will have to scroll down a little.

Day Eleven Answer:

The most recently added event to our current roster of state meet events is the girls pole vault. There was a day when it was deemed the pole vault was either unsafe or impractical for girls. For a while, then, boys had more events than girls in the Colorado scheme of things. To "correct" that imbalance, the SMR8 was added to the roster of girls events. When pole vault was added to the girls roster, the SMR8 was not removed. Hence, Colorado is the only state in the nation with more sanctioned girls events than boys events.