What's to Look Forward to at Tomorrow's Air Force HS Indoor Open?

Katie Rainsberger is slated to take another whack at the 800 at tomorrow's Air Force High School Indoor Open. Photo by Alan Versaw.

For starters, it will be, hands down, the biggest indoor meet in Colorado this winter. I heard some discussion about the entry fee, but this meet is busting the participation records nevertheless. 

Several intriguing showdowns loom. And, that is even without knowing all of the entries yet. The meet will be seeded with day-of-meet entries included tomorrow.

One of the best showdowns figures to be in the boys pole vault. We get all three of Colorado's 15-footers this indoor season--Kyle Rex, Brenton Emmons, and Cooper Daniels--on the same runway. 

Katie Rainsberger appears on the 800 meter start list. Though Rainsberger doesn't figure to be seriously challenged, the field behind her of the sisters Mooney and Chantae Steele is very capable of hitting a territory close to 2:15.

Austin Campbell, Jayce Hall, and Javan Lanier show down at the long jump pit. And, it's also very good on the girls side of the event with Maya Evans, Sydnee Larkin, and Kiana Gomez trading efforts.

Kharon Hall faces Anthony Peters and Ryan Cornell in the triple. 

If you can't summon any interest in a girls 400 that pits Simone Watkins, Julia Hall, Heide Baron, Becca Schulte, and Lauren Gale against one another, you definitely need to find another sport to pay attention to. 

The girls 60 goes very good very deep, but it's that showdown between Maya Evans--who has been busy whittling down her times of late--and Arria Minor that has folks most interested. 

All this and, of course, much more... This is the kind of field and atmosphere that produces the kind of big marks that have thus far been in short supply--though not non-existent--this Colorado indoor season.

Saturday promises something special for everyone--except for those who need to be home by 4:30!

Colorado Track XC will be live tweeting some results from the meet. I don't promise that I'll get all the highlights posted, but I will have the article set up tomorrow morning and will try to keep it hopping with notes of interest.

Then, come back here Saturday evening for results, photos, videos, and--eventually--a coverage article or two.

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