A Few Colorado Questions for Simplot to Answer...

In terms of name recognition among Colorado athletes at Simplot, probably none has more than Brie Oakley. But, the race she's running may not be the one you expected.

Simplot starts on Thursday. And, for three days, it will have more or less the undivided attention of the high school track and field community across all points of the United States from Colorado northward and westward.

So, what's Colorado's stake in all this?

Typically, Colorado does not dominate this meet. Large delegations from Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and even California see to that. But, Colorado does consistently exert a presence that is felt nonetheless.

This year's Colorado delegation, though, is missing a few top-tier names that in previous years might have gone to this meet and snared some serious headlines. It's not that Colorado's cupboard will be bare in Idaho, but there are fewer givens this year than most.

Here are a few questions for Colorado to answer at the 2017 running of the Simplot Games. Click on Next to advance to the girls events slide.