Two Things To Know In Advance Of The State Meet

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First, if you haven't seen them already, preliminary start lists (not heat sheets) are available for the state meet. You can view them here.

Second, if you're a MileSplit Pro member, here's how you can build a very customized virtual state meet.
  • Click on Rankings/Virtual Meets.
  • Click on Build From Scratch.
  • Under Level, chose HS Boys or HS Girls, as you wish. Under League, pick your current classification (remember to use the 2016-18 classifications!).
  • Click on Next.
  • The Colorado events should already be preselected for you, so just click on See Results.
  • Now you start customizing. 
  • Under Individual Event Scoring, insert a 7 between the 8 and 6 (because that's how we do scoring at the Colorado state meet). Do the same with Relay Event Scoring. Change Event Entries Per Team to Unlimited.
  • Next, X out (find the X at the end of the line) any athletes who scratched out of the state meet in an event.

When you have that done, you should have a customized state meet. There could possibly still be an issue or two for those rare athletes who rank in the top 9 in more than four events. To fix that, you can set Events Per Athlete to 6, then X them out of events they scratched. 

Then, all you need to do is go to the state meet and exceed expectations. But, at least you'll know what the expectations are!