A Growing Colorado Delegation Headed Toward Great Southwest

Maison Tolle has already proven herself a versatile athlete. She takes the test to a new level, though, by competing in the multis at Great Southwest next weekend.

With the deadline for entries drawing perilously near, Colorado is seeing a steady trickle of our best athletes signing up to compete next weekend at Great Southwest in Albuquerque.

Listed below are the athletes currently on the commitment list:


Sydney Teslow, Madi Kenyon, Jerica Baeza, Logan DeRock, Morgan Hykes, Kamryn Scott, Maison Tolle, MaLeigha Menegatti, Hannah Meek, Kaya Wick, Chantae Steele, Maya Evans, Raina Branch, Jordan Lanning, Taryn Ceglowski, Dawnielle Lewis, Abby Scott, Hannah Freeman, Erika Willis, Kristina Willis, Lauren Gale, Arria Minor, Rachel Harris, Kristina Schreiber, Alexis Carroll, Jenna McCaffrey, Mariah Gordon


Cayce Reece, Tyrese Van Horne, Devon Washington, Carl Heide, Angelo Hurtado, Brayden Davis, Mikey DeRock, James Heater, Luke Desmond, Franklin Nash, Jeremy Cody, Kain Medrano, Luc Andrada, Adam Marcus, Sadio Fenner, Devin Cadena, Tyler Nelson, Jalen Lyon, Jequan Hogan, Talon Berta, Nik Chappee, Darrien Wells, Angel Heredia, Brock Miller, Christian Fagerlin 

At least three Colorado athletes have indicated an intent to compete in the 2000 Meter Steeplechase on Friday evening. The more the merrier on that score!

If this leaves you saying, "Wait a minute! How do I get on board?" please visit the Colorado Great Southwest team page here.

Also, please note that Colorado Track XC plans to closely follow the Colorado delegations at Brooks PR and New Balance Nationals Outdoor as well. I have access to the Brooks PR list of athletes. If you're planning to compete at NBNO this summer in North Carolina, please drop me a line to let me know.