Cole Munoz: Widefield to CSU-Pueblo

When Cole Munoz ran to the win at this year's Pueblo Central Invitational, it set loose a chain of events that would change the next four years of his life in a big way.


Cole Munoz's Best Marks

1600 Meters - 4:37.34 (at altitude)

3200 Meters - 9:38.68 (at altitude)

5K Cross Country - 15:33


Tell us a little about the decision for CSU-Pueblo. When did you start talking with them? What sealed the deal?

My first encounter with Coach Morris was after I won the Pueblo Central Invitational in September. After keeping in touch, I had my official visit in October. My visit is what sealed the deal for me. I quickly saw that the team is a good fit, and Coach Morris is the real deal.

What do you plan to study at CSU-Pueblo?

I plan to study Mass Communications or Exercise Science. 

You've been part of the coming of age of Widefield cross country. Tell us about a defining moment along the way where you--and maybe your teammates as well--realized this could be something special.

Widefield High School Cross Country has definitely become a big deal in our school and community. It was obvious that we had something special when last year at The Cheyenne Mountain Stampede, we won a close match and came out on top. I'll never forget being on top of the trailer when the crowd was cheering: "Must be the water!" I believe that race gave us a lot of confidence and helped us finish second at state last year. This year was a little rough without our graduates, but I believe that we have started a legacy at Widefield High School. 

You ran for three years with Max Martinez. What's something you learned from Max?

I don't think that I would be anywhere near the runner I am today without Max. He always pushed me to go that extra mile, literally, and that the small things will make a big difference. I'm very thankful for all he's done for me. I definitely missed him this year, but I'm glad he's off doing great things for the CSU Rams!

You played basketball up until the last couple of years, then gave it up. What factored into the decison? Have you ever looked back and wondered?

Basketball was always a huge part of my life from elementary school up until high school, but I realized that I may actually be a little good at this running thing my sophomore year at Nike Cross Regionals. It also seemed like my love for the game of basketball was slowly transferring to the sport of running. After a lot of thinking and talking with friends and family, I decided to quit playing basketball in the winter and summer to run year-long. I have no regrets with my decision, and I'm blessed to be able to compete in college. 

Do you have any goals for your final high school season in the spring that you're willing to share with us?

Yes! One goal I have is to get my 800 and 1600 meter times down because those aren't too impressive. However, my biggest goal is to break the school record of 9:30 for the 3200, which is currently held by my former teammate Max Martinez. Sorry, Max!