Madison Mooney: Broomfield to Wisconsin

Madison Mooney has taken on several of the best in Colorado girls distance history and has yet to back down.


Madison Mooney's Best Marks

400 Meters - 57.89

800 Meters - 2:10.18

1600 Meters - 4:53.85

Mile - 4:47.32

5K Cross Country - 17:49 (at altitude)


Your family has some serious Florida State ties. How did it come to be that you signed with Wisconsin? Did you know early on you wanted to try something different that Florida State or ... ?

When I started the recruiting process, I was open to any and every school, including Florida State. My family didn't put any pressure on me that I had to go there, but wanted me to go to the school where I felt was the best fit for me. My sister has had an amazing time running at Florida State, and I would have loved to have her as my teammate and training partner again. However, as I went through the recruiting process, I decided that academically and athletically Wisconsin is where I really wanted to be.

In early September, I took my official visit to the university and really fell in love. I really bonded with the team, as well as another recruit, Hannah Reale from New York, who has committed to Wisconsin as well. I have a lot to look forward to as a student athlete at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and it could not come sooner. Go Badgers!

What do you plan to study at Wisconsin?

I really enjoy writing and speaking for audiences, so I am currently planning on majoring in communications.

You've been most successful to date at middle distances. Has Wisconsin given you any indication of what events they'd like to have you run there?

Coach Kennedy, who did most of my recruitment, specializes in the middle distances. I look forward to working with him in the 800 and 1500 at Wisconsin, however, I am always open to trying new events like the steeplechase and seeing where I will be the most successful.

You made a major move from Horizon to Broomfield in the middle of your high school career. How difficult was that adjustment for you? How soon did you feel like you really fit in at Broomfield?

When my family moved from Thornton to Broomfield, it was difficult to leave Horizon because of the relationships I had, especially with Coach Ricciardi and Coach Rademacher. They both played a major role in my success as a runner, and I still enjoy seeing and talking to them at meets.

The transition to Broomfield was made easier by getting to know the team during summer practices. The girls made me feel like I belonged through our story telling on long runs and post-workout brunches at Village Inn. After the team camp in Golden Gate Canyon, I knew I was part of a special team. Having a team with so much depth was something new to me and has helped me grow as an athlete. The girls team this year had six seniors on the varsity team, and all six of us are going on to run in college, which is really awesome. Also, I want to thank Coach Weich, Coach Zach and all the other coaches at Broomfield for all they have done for me. This school has so much spirit for the sports teams, I am proud to be a Broomfield Eagle.

If I asked you to narrow it down to one favorite moment out of your high school career, what would that be?

Ever year has been such a different experience with so many good memories, but two really stand out. My favorite team memory was when we heard that we were going to NXN in 2016. Placing third at NXR and missing the auto-qualifying spots was a huge disappointment for us. So after a long week of waiting Coach Weich told us to meet him at Starbucks. All seven of us were already together, so we packed into a car and sped down there. When he told us the news that we received an at-large bid, all of us broke out screaming and cheering. I don't think the Starbucks employees were too happy with us, but that is a night I will never forget. 

My favorite race as an individual has to be winning the mile at Arcadia last track season. I was racing under the lights and had all of my friends and family watching the live feed back home, so I was very excited and feeling good. The race played out perfectly for me and I was so excited to get the win. This race opened the doors to many other opportunities, as well as boosted my confidence as a runner and showed me how important a positive mindset is while racing or training. 

Are there any goals you have for your final high school season this spring that you're willing to talk about right now?

I have some times in mind that I would like to run, but ultimately track is about crossing the finish line first. My goal is something that has been elusive my first 3 years of track and that is winning a state championship. I couldn't think of a better way to end my high school career than celebrating an individual or even better a relay team title. 5A is always loaded with great distance runners, and I know I'll have to be at my best to be in contention.