Mines Indoor Series Changing It Up

The Mines HS Indoor Series has made a few changes to the remaining meets. 

Most people would agree that three hours is a little long for an indoor meet on a Thursday evening, and rest assured, the staff at Mines has heard the call. 

While the meet has clearly enjoyed growth, Thursday's edition of the meet proved that the meet has outgrown its former model. An insane amount of heats took the once quick meet a little further than intended, forcing several changes to be made for the remaining meets.

Among the changes:

-- Walk-in registration for track events will no longer be permitted. On that note, field event walk-up entry will go from 6-6:30 p.m. 

-- All entries will be online at directathletics.com under "Mines Indoor HS Meet Series."

    - If you can't figure out how to register, send entries to: mdsparks@mines.edu

-- There will no longer be the 200 meter race. 

-- The meet schedule has changed slightly. 

    - The Jan. 25 and Feb. 7 editions of them meet will go as follows: 60 - 800 - 60 hurdles - 400 - 3000. 

    - The Feb. 1 edition of the meet will go as follows: 60 - 800 - 60 hurdles - 400 - 1 mile. 

An updated meet brochure can be found here: Mines Indoor HS Meet Series