CHSAA Legislative Council Notes

Decisions were made today impacting cross country for this fall.

There's important news coming out of CHSAA today. 

The start-of-practice proposal for football passed, meaning practice will begin one week earlier in keeping with the NFHS calendar. There will now be a proposal, expected to pass, at the April Legislative Council meeting to move the start of all fall sports practices a week earlier. 

Figure it's now close to a done deal that cross country practice will start August 6 next fall. It will be difficult to move up the start of football practice without doing the same for other fall sports.

On the other big item of the day for cross country, 2A scoring will remain at 6/3, by a vote of 47-17. Mark Roberts spoke in favor of 6/4, Keith Williams, Don Steiner, Dan Scroggins, and Tyler Haughness spoke in favor of 6/3.