Friday Night Confessions

It's summer time, and with these longer, lighter days, there's been a lot of time to think. I've already switched multiple bandwagons during the World Cup - not by choice - and sometimes when the thick, cool substance from my morning smoothie sticks to the tips of my ever-growing beard, which is sprouting in all directions, I have to wonder why I've opted out of shaving during the warmer months, and how it's possible that Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Germany, and Brazil are all already out of the big dance. The U.S. sure picked a good 'Cup to miss...

Of all the madness, and calm that comes with summer, one thing has been clear... Readers, I've got a few things I need to get off my chest.

Confession: My wife laments that all I have to do is look at my running shoes to get fit, but that's not fully accurate, I have to put them on.

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