Cross Country Season Here We Come

Zero Week

Well, Week One, depending on the perspective. Starting the week we don't have any concrete results from any official meets, but by the end of the week we'll have some paint on the canvass. 

So, this could be Week One? But I'll stick with Zero Week. It has more of a ring to it. Like an alt-rock band. Or a really good book about, whatever

These next few days hold the long anticipated moment of new beginnings. It's the moment when the starter raises his gun in the air and a few hundred bodies lean over the white chalk line. Eyes set on the open field ahead of them, and the pain to follow. They hold their breath and wait, wait, wait in this moment that feels like forever for this magical starting machine to ring all it's fiery into the air, setting them all off into that field, in motion.

But for now, we wait.

The cross country season in Aurora has always come out of the gates quickly, and this year is no different. The first official cross country meet of 2018 has the word "championship" in it. In a way, it's fitting. The season is capped with the Colorado State Cross Country Championship, so naturally, we should start with the Aurora City Championship

Who will be an Aurora City Champion? We'll know Thursday night, because this meet is running smack in the middle of the week. Now we have a reason to look forward to, and enjoy, a Thursday. 

Well played Aurora, well played...

The meet sets off the canon that likely breaks the damn, because a day later we've got the Legacy Lightning Rust Buster Invitational and Valley Invitational, and then Saturday there's the Never Alone Foundation 5K/Doherty Scrimmage.

We're only one week in and bam, four meets run and done. 

By this time next week we'll have multiple photo albums up, video interviews, stories, rankings, and a fresh season to be excited about. 

Until then, I'll just wait here to see the smoke drift off from the starter's gun. And then...

Cross Country Season, Here We Come!

UPDATE 8/13/2018

*** The Aurora City Championships are ON ***