Leap Of the Week: Heritage Christian's Seth Bruxvoort

Heritage Christian's Seth Bruxvoort dropped 4:29 from the first race of his high school career. 

Somebody has put in some serious work over the summer. And that somebody is Seth Bruxvoort

The term "out of the gates running" definitely applies to Bruxvoort's result this past weekend. 

The Heritage Christian senior opened his season with a 16:12 PR at the Andy Myers Invitational this past weekend.

In order to understand the significance of this result, let's take a dive into the Bruxvoort Files...

Bruxvoort's opened his high school career with a 20:41 5k. In fact, he had five performances over 20 minutes his freshmen year, and six under the mark. He finished 50th at state that year, and did eventually climb down to an 18:21 season best. 

He started to show glimmers of talent through his sophomore season, finishing 19th at state, and running a 17:28 season best - at lower elevations. His Colorado-best was 17:41 that season. 

But it was his junior year that Burxvoort revealed that he just may in fact be a threat to the front of the pack. He opened his season with a 16:40 at Liberty Bell, and went on to finish fifth at state. 

Story closed, right?

Not quite. 

Bruxvoort has been a stellar runner within the ranks of 1A/2A over the past two years. He has one state title - on the track - to his name (the 3,200 in 2017), and three-top three finishes- on the track. But his 16:12 elevates him into a new realm of competitiveness. 

Currently, the time is No. 1 in 2A, and No. 10 in all-classifications. 

And to think three years ago he opened his season with a 20:41 5k. Clearly, he's come a long, long way. Four minutes, and 29-seconds in fact.

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