Week Three Coaches Poll: Boys

The week leading into Liberty Bell was fairly calm for most classifications, not including 3A. Most squads took a rest, though we did see quite a bit of movement beyond the top-ranked squads. Here's a fresh list of rankings for Week Three.


With most squads sitting out the past weekend out, there wasn't much movement within the top-five. Mountain Vista remained on top, though Dakota Ridge was just a few points back. The biggest movement came on the backside of the top-10, where Pine Creek and Rock Canyon surged back upwards in the rankings. There were no new faces among the top-10 this week, and with Liberty Bell this weekend, it's likely we may see some movement this time next week.


Niwot sat most of their varsity squad this past week, likely to save up some energy for Liberty Bell. That didn't hurt their rankings, however. They remain on top of 4A. Likewise, Durango remained No. 2 this week, though Air Academy made a surge into the top-three following their result at the Arapahoe Warrior Invite. The biggest drop came from Palmer Ridge, going from No. 3 to No. 5., while Centaurus hoped back into the top-four. New to this week's set of rankings was Mead, coming in at the No. 10 spot. 


There was a major shake-up in the rankings this week. Alamosa stormed into the No. 1 spot following their win at Rocky Ford. Behind them, Salida made two jumps as well, landing into the No. 2 spot. Peak to Peak and The Classical Academy each dropped two spots, but the top-four were tight within the numbers this week.


There was absolutely no movement with the top-four this week. Heritage Christian remains on top, closely followed by Lyons. We did see a ton of movement behind the top-four, however. Rocky Ford jumped three spots to No. 5, and three new squads made an appearance in this week's rankings. Clear Creek, Golden View, and Rye went from unranked last week, to making the list this week.