Leap Of The Week: Cameron McConnell And Samantha Blair

Cameron McConnell PRd for the fourth-consecutive week to drop 1:17 off her time.

There were too many options for the Leap Of The Week, and because two performances really, really stuck out, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to name two this week...

They were more than deserving.

And sure enough, this week is going to two freshmen: Eagle Valley's Samantha Blair, and Cherokee Trail's Cameron McConnell

We'll start with McConnell.

I've mentioned McConnell's improvements once before, but for those who haven't heard her name yet, or read the numbers, they're quite revealing. 

20:18 - 19:18 - 19:00 - 17:44.

Those are the four 5ks she's run this season. She's set a personal best each week she's raced. That fact alone is impressive, but it's her most recent race that really put her into a new realm of competitiveness.

McConnell's most recent drop, from 19:00 to 17:36 at Liberty Bell was an eye-opening 1:16 improvement. That's nearly 400 meters. She skipped the 18s entirelyAnd, it elevates her from being competitive in Colorado, to being competitive across the country. 

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