2A Region 1: All According To Script

Hertiage Christian's Seth Bruxvoort ran away with the victory.

There was talk around the course about his aggressive, front-running style. There was talk about how fast he'd run, and how it would stack up with the big schools. And there was talk about those golden locks that shimmered in the evening sun as they flowed behind him in the wake of his dominating performance. 

Seth Bruxvoort ran free from his competition, and his shadow. 

While he cruised around the course in that magical evening hour where the scent of dinner lingers in the air,  the Heritage Christian senior ran with a hint of a smile, like a misplaced surfer who found joy in testing the limitations of his heart, rather than white crashing waves on the coast. 

While he wasn't drifting solo just off shore, he was running solo and onward to his fourth victory of the season. Bruxvoort kicked in across the open field on the inside of the track with that same smile as he crossed the finish line with an easy victory in 16:14. 

Clearly, he's got a state title in his sights.

Behind him, however, a battle was in progress. 

Heritage Christian teammate Levi Kilian had chased Bruxvoort's golden locks early on, though while he was in pursuit, Isaac Roberts was stalking his prey, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. 

With Bruxvoort long gone, Kilian battled the open space in front of him through the final mile. All the while Roberts was closing fast.

With only minutes left in the tank, Roberts kicked hard and flew by Kilian and on to a runner-up finish in 16:43. Kilian held on for third in 16:48.