2A Girls: Fankhouser And Gregg Lead Lyons To Gold

Katie Fankhouser roared to victory.

Katie Fankhouser ran beside her teammate Quin Gregg through the opening mile in 6:16. Fankhouser's eyes occasionally glanced up, far up, where the leaders were just over 60 meters ahead. Her braided ponytail swayed with the rhythm of her loose stride.

Gregg ran in sync with her teammate, eyes caste down, arms mechanically moving in a steady cadence that mimicked her stride. 

It was a common site for anyone who has seen the Lyons duo raced before. Fankhouser and Gregg. Gregg and Fankhouser. 

And while Lucca Fulkerson, and Chloe Veilleux were just over 10 seconds ahead of them, the Lyons duo maintained their pace. They had a lot of ground to make up over the final two miles, but they believed in the plan, and they raced on with a patience beyond their years. Like professional poker players, they held their cards very close to the chest.