Brody Dempsey: Mountain Vista To Mines


Brody Dempey's Best Marks

800 - 1:57.86

1,600 - 4:29.51

5k - 9:59

5k - 15:44


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing the Colorado School of Mines?

When beginning my college search, I wanted to be close to family. Most of them live in the southwest, therefore, I contacted schools in Colorado, Arizona, and California. There were specific schools that I was interested in for their running program and academic rigor. Before last summer, I did many unofficial campus visits in order to get a college feel and see what schools I wanted to look more into. Towards the end of summer, I was mainly in contact with Loyola Marymount, Grand Canyon University, University of Arizona, and Mines. All the coaches were very encouraging and supportive of my performances and interested in having me represent their schools. In the end, I felt that Colorado School of Mines was the best fit for me athletically and academically.

Q) What do you plan to study at Mines?

At Mines I plan on majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Spanish.

Q) What got you into track and field in the first place?

Since age 5, I had always been a soccer player. When I was in sixth grade, my P.E. teacher encouraged me to participate in the Mountain Vista Feeder School Race, which is where I had my first official running experience. I really enjoyed it, and that lead me to join summer conditioning that summer with Mountain Ridge Middle School. Once the first week of seventh grade started, I learned that the school didn't have a soccer team. My parents wanted me to get involved with the school, so I decided to sign up for cross country while playing club soccer. After cross country and soccer season came to an end, I decided that running was my sport. That lead me to sign up for track that spring and continue all throughout middle and high school, and now into college.

Q) You've had success in everything from the 800 on on up to the 5k, what would you say your favorite event is, and why?

My favorite event is definitely the 800 because its a very tactical race that involves all kinds of strategy. It has challenged me to test what I can really do in a race and taught me to take chances. I started to really focus on this event last year when I had the chance to be on the state 4x800 team. After achieving our season goal of winning the 4x800 at state, I have always wanted to keep improving my performance in this event.

Q) What event do you see yourself focusing on at Mines?

At Mines, I see myself focusing on both the 800 and 1500. This season my main focuses were on the 800 and the mile. I plan on continuing that at Mines.

Q) Could you share any goals you have for the final weeks of the track season?

Since the beginning of the track season, my team and I have had the goal of being back to back state champions in the 4x800. Additionally, a hard but achievable goal I have is to podium at state for the 800.

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be (so far)?

Going to Nike Cross Nationals was by far the highlight of my high school career. It was our goal since the beginning of summer conditioning to make another appearance for Mountain Vista and achieving that was a great feeling. The best part was when Colleen Quigley told us that our team has the best hair.