Elise Gillett: Niwot To Colorado


Elise Gillett's Best Marks 

100 - 12.88

200 - 27.06

100 Hurdles - 14.96

300 Hurdles - 46.83

Long Jump - 16-10.25

Heptathlon - 3,256


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing Colorado?

Going into the summer after junior year I began reaching out to college coaches. I talked with coaches at both Seattle U and Marquette, but what stood out to me about Colorado was the relationships I felt with the coaches and other athletes.

Although Colorado wasn't always at the top of my list, the first time I talked with Coach Malone on the phone, I immediately knew it was the place I wanted to be. Having a good relationship with my coach and teammates is something I value and I totally felt that at Colorado. Not to mention their spectacular facilities and beautiful campus were a huge plus. 

Q) What do you plan to study at Colorado? 

I want to study integrative physiology, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

Q) What event do you see yourself focusing on at Colorado?

The heptathlon will be my main focus, but within the heptathlon, my strength is in the hurdles and I hope to have some big improvements in that race during my collegiate career.  

Q) You've had success in a variety of events spanning from the sprints, to the hurdles, to the long jump, what would you say is your favorite event, and why? 

My favorite event is the 100-meter hurdles because I always have something to improve on in that race. There are so many different elements of the race and I like working on the technical aspects within that race. It's a super exciting event because anything can happen during that race. 

Q)  You made some big improvements in nearly every event last spring - what would you attribute to such an improvement?

A lot of my improvement came from my work in the offseason. I began focusing on my lifting and I got much stronger heading into my junior season. One of my main goals last season was to be able to perform consistently and doing that definitely contributed to my improvement. It also was super important for me to develop a strong mindset. Going into races with confidence allowed me to perform well.

Q) What got you interested in track in the first place? 

I knew I wanted to run track and field in high school because my sisters all ran for Niwot. Going to their meets and watching them race definitely sparked my interest in the sport. I'm very competitive, and track and field is definitely one of those sports where being competitive pays off, so I fell in love with it right away. 

Q) Could you share any goals you have for your senior year?

I want Niwot to take first at the state meet on the girls and boys side again. I also want to win the 100 hurdles at state and break the school record in that race. Other than that, this year I hope to stay healthy and injury-free for the whole season. 

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be?

My favorite memory would definitely be my state race in the 100 hurdles last year. I got second place and broke 15 seconds for the first time in that race, but what made that moment so special was the surprise waiting for me at the finish line. My older sister Mary flew out without telling me, and when I crossed the finish line and saw her standing at the fence, I ran over and gave her a gigantic hug. Having her there really made that moment extra special. 

Outside of that memory, watching my team run the 4x4 at any meet will always be a favorite moment of mine, especially the boys 4x4 at state last year. Our boys had to place top 5 in order for Niwot to take both state titles. They ended up winning the 4x4 in a dramatic dive at the finish. We were all holding our breaths waiting for the results to pop up on the board. When Niwot's name popped up first on the board, we lost our minds. I've never been more excited in my life and I couldn't have been more proud of my teammates and coaches in that moment.