Riley Colby: Palmer Ridge To Oklahoma


Riley Colby's Best Marks 

100 - 13.46

200 - 26.25

400 - 58.18

600 (i) - 1:37.60

800 - 2:20.37

3 mile -18:21

5k - 19:42


Q) Talk about the recruitment process - what other schools were you looking at, and how did you come to choosing the University of Oklahoma?

I started my recruitment process around early spring my junior year. I talked to college coaches throughout my junior track season, although I was not completely sold on running in college. It was not till the summer before my senior year when I got serious about continuing my running career.

While running was important to me, I told myself I would not pick a college because of running. I visited multiple colleges this past year, but when I went to Oklahoma I knew it was the one. I fell in love with everything about the school, from the coaching staff, the student athletes to the people on campus; all were so friendly.  

Q) What do you plan to study at Oklahoma? 

I have not totally decided on what I will be studying at Oklahoma, but as of right now I plan to go into either biology (for future in the medical world) or biomedical engineering. 

Q) What event do you see yourself focusing on atOklahoma?

I mostly see myself focusing on the 800 during college. While distance is always an option, it is not my favorite. 

Q) You've had success in the 400 and on over to the 5k, which event would you say is your favorite, and why? 

Definitely the 400. I love all the adrenalin and pressure of the one lap around the track. I can not get enough of the feeling of coming out of the blocks and running as fast as I can.  

Q) You made a big leap from sophomore to junior year (particularly in the 800), what would you say attributed to such an improvement?

I made the decision to change coaches between sophomore and junior year. My training program was significantly changed, and ended working out very well for me. Not only was the training working well and benefiting me, but I was genuinely enjoying the season and my teammates.  

Q) The first results we have on you on MileSplit is a 28.34 200, 7th place finish at the CSU-Pueblo Early Bird meet in March of 2017  - what do you remember from this competition?

Well this meet was the first time I ran a 400. It was the 4x4 and I was definitely not planning on running this race. At the last minute, my coach threw me on the relay team and as the anchor. I don't think I was ever more stressed in my life. I vividly remember my coach telling me to shut up and stop complaining and just run the race.  

Q) What got you interested in competing in XC/Track in the first place? 

To be completely honest, I was never interested in running at all. My parents met with my coach and signed me up while I was out of town. Turns out parents always know best.  

Q) Could you share any goals you have for your final track and field season?

My goals for my final track season of high school are to  qualify for state finals in the 400m and 800m, as well as also break the school record for the 400m. 

Q) What would your favorite high school moment be?

There are a plethora of good moments to choose from, but one of my favorites occurred just recently. Approximately two weeks ago, my teammates and I had a pretty hard training week and were ready for an easy day, so we decided to change up our practice.

We ran to the gas station about two miles from our school, my teammate and I did a little challenge. We bought two rolls of Hubba Bubba bubble gum and wanted to see if we could each fit an entire pack into each of our mouths. Turns out we overestimate our abilities. We also did not think of the fact we had to run back while breathing with a very large amount of bubble gum in our mouths. Once in a while, I just like to have fun at practice.